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Bill More Hours in a Day With Time Management Skills

Finding it difficult to make it through just 24 hours in a day? You're not alone. More and more of us look for more hours in the day only to find that we are wasting time sweating the wrong stuff than spending our day doing something productively … like catching up on client or customer matters and billing more hours in the day.

Here are a few tips that might help.

  • Resist the urge to be a perfectionist, but don't slack off either. Determine how much time an activity really requires and spend that amount of time doing it.
  • Stop worrying about future projects and concentrate on what you currently have on your plate.
  • Think mentally about clearing your project load each week, sort of like the time you spend taking care of matters before leaving on vacation.
  • For the procrastinators in the world, try accomplishing one task each day you would rather put off until you can't put it off any more. You'll find that one of these tasks each day adds up into a whole week of avoiding procrastination.


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