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Beware of Y2K Viruses and Hoaxes

They come in all shapes and sizes. They are called viruses. Y2K has inspired malicious hackers to concoct some doozies for your viewing pleasure. From a worm that displays “Hi 2000” as it eats away your data to a trojan horse virus that uses chat rooms to spread its disease, they are up and running in 2000.

And then there are the “hoaxes” that masquerade as viruses. Among the most notable are the Happy New Year Virus and the AOL Year 2000 Update. These hoaxes tie up resources as companies forward emails and try to prepare to head off destruction.

The link for this article is a page that updates frequently for newly reported viruses and hoaxes. Bookmark it and you’ll be sure to know what’s going on in virus land.

This how-to section for viruses, also provides information about free anti-virus downloads, an anti-virus guide, and bug alerts. The page also contains security alerts.

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