Like Avis, Ellison Tries Harder to be Number 2

Being the second-wealthiest man in America is a real feat. Consider the odds and you're left with a percentage that would probably shock even the most die-hard gamblers in Las Vegas.

Holder of this title is Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, who is worth an estimated $40 billion. Oracle bet the farm and won respect by harping on how important databases were in the cyberspace and computer continuum. Today, the company is the backbone of the e-Commerce revolution, helping provide valuable information to help companies sell products to their current and potential audiences.

Forty billion dollars may seem like a tremendous amount of money to most of us, but Ellison is not content to just be number two. He's out for the top position - the one that belongs to Bill Gates of Microsoft.

This and other observations can be found in the cover story of this month's Fortune magazine, in a unique profile.

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