Apply Your Y2K Investment for the Long Haul

OK - we're all tired of hearing about Y2K, but the investment you made and the preparation you endured along the way should not go to waste. There are many ways companies can learn from their extensive preparation to help them with future projects--and save money along the way.

KPMG has compiled a short list of benefits for the short- and long-term. For example, if you are a company that hired Y2K specialists, these people already are trained on your systems and know quite a bit about your operation. Why not transition them to other system-related projects rather than giving them a pink slip?

What about the managers and administrators? They, too, have increased knowledge about systems, so harness their know-how and apply it to future systems' projects.

Some companies outsourced the Y2K preparation, and if this is the case with your company, rely on these professionals for your next project as it relates to computers and systems. Like in-house professionals, they, too, know a great deal about your operations, so the training time will be much shorter.

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