Adding Value To The Profession - Proposed Credential

The AICPA has prepared two documents "Adding Value to the Profession" and "The XYZ Concept" for professionals to download and review for free.

"Adding Value to the Profession" - The Proposed Global Credential is an in-depth article on the new global professional credential written by William L. Reeb. The proposed credential has been carefully and intentionally devised as separate from the CPA credential in order to:

  • Best meet the needs of our diverse profession;
  • Claim a highly active, lucrative, and currently unclaimed market space;
  • Preserve and protect the integrity and services of the CPA;
  • Create a credential that can adapt swiftly to global market demand and change; and
  • Allow its holders to move and provide services seamlessly across international borders.
  • The XYZ Concept: Turning Knowledge into Value is an extensive white paper summarizing conclusions and recommendations of the task force charged with exploring the potential for a new global professional credential.

    The paper summarizes the conclusions and recommendations of a Task Force that for the past 18 months has been exploring the potential for a new, global professional designation, focused on the ability to provide strategic business insight, that will complement existing professional credentials. The new designation symbolizes not just a body of knowledge or set of skills, but a new and distinct profession—emphasizing knowledge integration—that is needed to serve businesses and individuals in the evolving information economy. The placeholder name for the new credential is XYZ. Holders are expected to come from a wide range of professional disciplines. Those who hold existing professional credentials would maintain them

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