AccountingWEB's Two-Year Anniversary Review

AccountingWEB Two-Year Anniversary Edition

August 1, 2001

We would like to ask you to pause with us for a moment and mark a very special occasion for AccountingWEB. This week AccountingWEB is celebrating our two-year anniversary, and we would like you to participate in this event by eflecting with us on some of the events, stories and history that have helped shape and define our service over the past 24 months.

AccountingWEB was launched in the United States in the summer of 1999, as an expansion of the very successful AccountingWEB community, which was launched three years earlier by Sift Group Ltd., and had quickly become the dominant Internet site for accountants in the United Kingdom. AccountingWEB distributed its first weekly newswire at the end of July, 1999 to a mere 350 members. Today, the site has grown into the largest site of its kind in the United States, thanks to our more than 32,000 members, a number that grows on a daily basis.

Please join us this week in our celebration of the past and help us look forward to an exciting future.



We hope you enjoy this retrospective look at AccountingWEB as much as we enjoyed compiling it!

  1. Showdown with the SEC - September 2000 Hearings
  2. Use Microsoft Outlook to Track Your Chargeable Hours
  3. Tips for Passing the CPA Exam
  4. Using the Internet for Auditing and Accounting Research
  5. Desktop Yoga? Pre-Tax Season Tips
  6. Big Five Consulting Scorecard
  7. 16 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Tax Return Audited
  8. What Do You Think About the 'XYZ' Credential?
  9. Excel Tip: Alphabetizing a Column of First and Last Names by Last Name
  10. Legal Eagles Stack Up in Accounting Firms
  11. Don't Let Your Y2K Guard Down
  12. A Special Note to Our Members


1. Showdown with the SEC - September 2000 Hearings

AccountingWEB provided daily progress reports on the auditor independence hearings held last summer at the Securities & Exchange Commission. This summary has links to all the major stories as well as the final legislation.

2. Use Microsoft Outlook to Track Your Chargeable Hours

This tip seemed to hit a soft spot with many of our members. Learn how to use the timer and the Journal in Outlook to record and document time spent on phone calls and other activities.


We would like to thank every AccountingWEB sponsor and advertiser for helping us bring the news and resources to our 32,000+ members each week. We encourage all of our members to take a moment to see who has supported AccountingWEB along the way.

3. Tips for Passing the CPA Exam

Learn how to combine academic knowledge with mental preparedness in an effort to achieve success on the CPA exam. These tried and true tips were shared at an AccountingWEB workshop presentation hosted by Sam Goble, Vice President of MicroMash.

4. Using the Internet for Auditing and Accounting Research

The Internet can save you time and provide the information you need to do your job efficiently if you learn to take advantage of all this great resource has to offer. Jim Kaplan of AuditNet explained how accountants can get the most out of the Internet in a live AccountingWEB workshop presentation.


AccountingWEB is proud to have had over 100 of the top
organizations and consultants in the country present informative workshops free of charge to our members on a weekly basis. AccountingWEB would like to thank all of these presenters. Take a moment to see who has been bringing information to our members.

5. Desktop Yoga? Pre-Tax Season Tips

You don't have to wait until tax season to take advantage of these at-your-desk exercises that will keep you energized and focused every day of the year.

6. Big Five Consulting Scorecard

Just when you think it's getting too difficult to tell the players without a scorecard, AccountingWEB provides this summary of all of the divestitures, IPOs, rumors, and realignments of the Big Five firms and their consultancy divisions.


We want to take the time to say thank you to each and every one of our members. It is hard to believe that just 24 months ago, the first AccountingWEB newswire was distributed to just 350 people. Today, AccountingWEB news is syndicated around the globe and is delivered to more than 32,000 professionals every week. Thank you all for your ongoing participation and support!

7. 16 Sure Fire Ways to Get Your Tax Return Audited

Of course you don't want to have your tax returned audited. Here's a quick summary of the things the IRS looks for when it selects returns for audit. We can't guarantee that you'll be home free if you avoid these traps, but at least you can lessen your chances of being chosen.

8. What Do You Think About the 'XYZ' Credential?

The controversy over the AICPA's proposed global credential rages on. Over 100 comments have been posted to this story so far. Read what others are saying and add your own two cents.


AccountingWEB is proud to be associated with many forward-thinking organizations who, like AccountingWEB, are striving to achieve the potential promised by the Internet. Help us thank our associates and affiliates by visiting our Special Thanks to Associates/Affiliates today.

9. Excel Tip: Alphabetizing a Column of First and Last Names by Last Name

Here's an Excel tip that will save you time and frustration if you are faced with a list of names you need to alphabetize. Read the comments at the bottom of the story for other ideas.

10. Legal Eagles Stack Up in Accounting Firms

Did you know that there are more lawyers working for the Big Five firms than there are lawyers working at the world's largest law firms? Too bad they can't practice law.


We at AccountingWEB are proud to bring you, our members, the news and resources you need to better accomplish your jobs. We all take pride in and enjoy what we do. AccountingWEB thanks Michael Platt, CEO, Kelly McRae, Operations, Gail Perry, Editor, and Dale DeWitte, Sales. Thanks Guys! You made it happen.

11. Don't Let Your Y2K Guard Down

The Y2K scare was real, even though it seems only a dim memory now. Travel down memory lane with this little reminder of the concerns we all faced only 18 months ago.

A Special Note to Our Members

On a personal note, I'd like to express my appreciation for all of the support and ideas that you have offered to us over the first two years of AccountingWEB. Your feedback helps us grow our service offering, and grow we have. I invite you to familiarize yourself with this quick summary of many of the services and features that AccountingWEB offers - many of which you may not be familiar with. The more you know about our service, the more you can benefit from it! Thanks for the first two years, and we look forward to many more.

Michael T. Platt
AccountingWEB, Inc.

Copyright (C) 2001 AccountingWEB, Inc. All rights reserved.
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