AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 58




1. S&P Lists Top 10 Companies With Most 'Inflated Profits'
2. Ten Hottest Jobs For The Next Ten Years
3. New Ranking - Best Cities to Do Business, Advance a Career
4. Ten Amazing Statistics on The Changing World of Work
5. Five Steps to Reduce Company Health Insurance Costs
6. 2002 Accountants Salary Guide


1. Ten E-Mail Courtesy Tips For Businesses
2. Employee Terminations: Negotiating The Minefield
3. Making The Most of Client Meetings
4. Lack of Information Frustrates Employees
5. Ideas to Improve The Quality of Your Firm
6. Ten Quick Internet Tips to Save You Time

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"Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau." -- Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University, 1929.


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1. S&P Lists Top 10 Companies With Most 'Inflated Profits'

Using its new standards for measuring profitability, Standard & Poor's (S&P) ranked companies in order of highest to lowest gaps between their reported earnings and core earnings for 2001.

2. Ten Hottest Jobs For The Next Ten Years

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, SmartMoney Magazine has compiled a list of the "Ten Hottest Jobs" for the next decade. Not all are high paying, but all will be in great demand in the coming years.

3. New Ranking - Best Cities to Do Business, Advance a Career

The votes are in and the list is complete. Forbes Magazine and Milken Institute have joined forces to offer their third annual Best Places Ranking, highlighting the top 200 U.S. cities in which to do business or advance a career.

4. Ten Amazing Statistics On The Changing World Of Work

Current economic times are leading to a variety of challenges for employers. From the shrinking labor force, to retention, to the "free agent" mentality, the world of work is changing fast and furiously. Here is a list of the ten amazing statistics on the changing world of work.

5. Five Steps to Reduce Company Health Insurance Costs

With healthcare costs again creeping toward double-digit levels and business profits still lagging, top corporate managers must take a personal and pro-active role in addressing those factors that drive up medical insurance costs. That is an assessment by leading companies and consultants who work with corporations to manage
their healthcare costs.

6. 2002 Accountants Salary Guide

Robert Half and Accountemps have released the 2002 Salary
Guide, designed to provide comprehensive data on average
starting salaries for accounting and finance professionals.


1. First Among Equals: How to Manage a Group of Professionals

2. Creating Rainmakers: The Manager's Guide To Training Professionals To Attract New Clients

3. Strategic Management of Professional Service Firms

4. How to Maximize Fees in Professional Service Firms

5. Managing the Professional Service Firm

6. Practice What You Preach: What Managers Must Do to Create a High-Achievement Culture


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1. Ten E-Mail Courtesy Tips For Businesses

Many businesses who've established themselves on the Internet haven’t the faintest idea of how to address one of the most important issues online, customer service. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

2. Employee Terminations: Negotiating The Minefield

The vast majority of unlawful discharge cases that former employees win are not based on direct evidence but rather on "indirect" or circumstantial evidence. The angry supervisor who makes a racist remark while firing an employee is an easy case to prove. But most supervisors know not to make such a statement.

3. Making The Most of Client Meetings

Like a good business letter or report, a client sales meeting has three basic parts: introduction, body, and closing. In addition, it provides an opportunity for questions and answers.

4. Lack of Information Frustrates Employees

One out of every two employees feels that they do not receive the information they need to do their job well. As a result, employees feel frustrated and the quality of the organization's products and services suffer.

5. Ideas to Improve The Quality of Your Firm

Here are some helpful ideas that you can implement within your firm to help keep your staff motivated and satisfied.

6. Ten Quick Internet Tips to Save You Time

Here are some great tips to help you save time when you're online. These tips are for users of the Microsoft Explorer browser.

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1. I am helping a client who is looking at buying new software and hardware that will affect the parent company and its subsidaries. The dollar amount is around $500K. Currently I am looking over the sales, customer base, amount of support staff, years in business, etc. Is it worth the time and money to pursue further a more detailed financial analysis of the companies involved? The economy today can change the status of stability of a company in a short period of time so is it worth the additional research and cost?

2. Does anyone have a formal Position Description for a Managing Partner? If so, I would appreciate your sending me a copy.

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