AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 27 | AccountingWEB

AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 27

AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 27

November 26 - November 30, 2001


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Association of Government Accountants

1. Disaster Recovery Planning - AccountingWEB Workshop
2. IRS Closes Tax Loophole for Homeowners
3. Outsourced Business Valuations - Free Informational Kit
4. Pre-Tax Season Media Tip for Tax Practitioners
5. CGFM - The Preferred Designation - Free Informational Kit
6. How to Write a Better Resume
7. Winning and Keeping Clients
8. The Hidden Job Market - Where to Go
9. Warning Signs of an Impending Liability Claim
10.Give Your Brain a Workout
11.Rate Your Prospects
12.Book Recommendation: Rain Making: The Professional's Guide to Attracting New Clients


1. Tuesday, November 27, 2001, 3:00-4:00 EST
Topic: Disaster Recovery Planning
Presented by: National Conference of CPA Practitioners
Sponsored by: National Conference of CPA Practitioners

Learn how you, your firm, and your clients can plan to mitigate the effects of a disaster and have business operations continue with minimal interruption.


2. IRS Closes Tax Loophole for Homeowners

For a brief period of time, the capital gains tax rule that went into effect last January favored high-end homeowners in an unexpected way. The IRS has now closed a loophole that appeared to permit homeowners to apply the deemed sale rule to the sale of a personal residence.

3. Outsourced Business Valuations - Free Informational Kit

Have you considered outsourcing your Business Valuation needs? If so, think SPARDATA. We are an experienced, credible valuation service with clients such as Morgan Stanley, the IRS, and hundreds of CPAs across the country. SPARDATA is not an accounting firm so there is no risk of competition - just a value added service from you to your client. SPARDATA will give you and your client a great appraisal at a competitive rate, and CPAs can get a 20% discount on the service. Get a FREE information kit by calling 800-895-4100 or visit our Web site at

4. Pre-Tax Season Media Tip for Tax Practitioners

Before tax season snows you under, get the attention of your local media. They can keep you visible even when you're not. Terri Sommella of Sommella Market Strategies explains how you can use the press to your advantage while you're busy working with your tax clients.

5.CGFM - The Preferred Designation

Credibility. Professionalism. Quality of Services. Confidence.

If you want to have a qualified, skilled and experienced public financial manager on your staff, look for the "CGFM" designation. The Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) certification distinguishes those who have a proven amount of knowledge and proficiency by meeting the rigorous standards endorsed by a national professional organization - The Association of Government Accountants (AGA). Get a FREE INFORMATIONAL kit and find out more about the CGFM certification today by calling 1-800-AGA-7211 or by visiting us at

6. How to Write a Better Resume

Whether you're looking for your first job, hoping for advancement with your current employer, considering a job change, or just getting your records in order, maybe now is the time to make sure your resume is in good shape. Robert Half International offers some timely tips on building a good resume.

7. Winning and Keeping Clients

Many accounting firms think the art of keeping and winning clients is concerned solely with brochures or Web sites. It isn't. Winning and keeping clients is a whole firm activity encompassing everything the firm does and everything the firm wants to be. The firm's success or failure, and the pleasure it provides to those who work there, will be entirely dependent upon three important factors.

8. The Hidden Job Market - Where to Go

Eighty-five percent of all jobs are never advertised! The help wanted ads only cover 10% of all jobs currently available. Effective job hunting demands a proactive approach where you track down potential openings and actively follow up on all leads. Too often job hunters simply don't know where else to look after they finish with Sunday's paper. Here are several tips for finding hidden jobs.

9. Warning Signs of an Impending Liability Claim

The Ohio CPA Journal has published an in-depth article explaining the likelihood of CPAs being faced with liability claims and how risk can be mitigated. The article explains the expectations of insurance companies and offers six warning signs of an impending claim.

10. Give Your Brain a Workout!

Many companies are embracing a new trend with the expected result of enhancing job performance, intelligence, and creativity. Companies are encouraging workers to engage in brain activities that improve memory and strengthen and preserve brain circuits. These links to quick brainteasers and workouts provide exercises you can easily work into your daily routine.

11. Rate Your Prospects

In this guest article, Troy Waugh, of Waugh & Co., Inc., provides his MADDEN test for rating leads and prospects. The test is named for pro football coach John Madden.

12. Book Recommendation: Rain Making: The Professional's Guide to Attracting New Clients

If you're someone to whom networking comes easily or if you have extensive experience in attracting new clients, some of this material may not be new to you. However, if you're not that comfortable with finding new clients and you're looking for a system flexible enough to accommodate different approaches, this is an extremely useful book. You'll find that "Rain Making: The Professional's Guide to Attracting New Clients" is full of concrete, understated advice that you can actually put into practice.


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