AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 94

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 94

May 11, 2001

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1. Accenture Study Finds Keys to e-Commerce Success
2. Purchasing a New PC? Check Out These Tips
3. New Chairman Selected for SEC
4. Tax Freedom Day Means Your Money is Your Own
5. Recruiting Employees with Soft Skills - Good Manners Matter
6. PricewaterhouseCoopers Asks Fall Recruits to Wait
7. Keep Your Business Growing - Get ideas From Your Staff
8. Microsoft Shopping for Big Five Firm?
9. Leading Organizational Change
10. Do You Suffer from Internet Password Overload?


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1. Accenture Study Finds Keys to e-Commerce Success

The New Economy of Business-to-Business commerce is just getting started, and Accenture's new study provides some insight as to what it takes to be successful in this competitive arena.

2. Purchasing a New PC? Check Out These Tips

Before you head to the computer store, take a look at this list of features you should expect to find in a new computer.

3. New Chairman Selected for SEC

Arthur Levitt announced late last year he would be stepping down as head of the SEC. The White House has finally made the selection for Mr. Levitt's replacement.


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4. Tax Freedom Day Means Your Money is Your Own

Tax Freedom Day has become an annual recognition of the day on which, if you had paid over to the taxing authorities every dime you had earned since January 1, you would finally start earning money for yourself. How are you celebrating?

5. Recruiting Employees with Soft Skills - Good Manners Matter

People with polish make a better impression. What type of impression are you giving when you meet a potential client, employer, or co-worker? Learn how you can brush up on the soft skills, and find out about training opportunities available for continuing education in this area.

6. PricewaterhouseCoopers Asks Fall Recruits to Wait

Some of this spring's college graduates are going to have to wait a little longer to start that new job. Find out why this is happening and what alternatives are available.


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7. Keep Your Business Growing - Get ideas From Your Staff

Aside from the owner, no one knows a business better than its employees. Employees can offer worthwhile suggestions for change and improvement, but sometimes they are reluctant to speak up. Here are some ideas for milking this important resource!

8. Microsoft Shopping for Big Five Firm?

Microsoft is rumored to be ready to open its purse strings and buy into the Big Five consulting arena. So who's going to get to call Bill Gates "boss?"


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9. Leading Organizational Change

Your human resources and change management strategies can have a significant impact on the organization's bottom line, and you must ensure that your workforce is flexible and responsive in order to meet changes in market and business demands.

10. Do You Suffer from Internet Password Overload?

Too many passwords clogging your brain cells? Here's a nifty program you can load on your hard drive to keep track of all the login and password information you use throughout the Internet. And guess what? You can password protect the information in this program!


A new virus is wreaking havoc with users of Microsoft Outlook. Watch out for a message with "Hi" or "Homepage" in the subject line.


Tuesday, May 15, 4:00-5:00 EDT
Topic: "Creative Pricing Strategies for Government Contractors"
Presenter: Scott Butler, Beason & Nalley, P.C.

Thursday May 17, 4:00-5:00 EDT
Topic: "Professionalizing the Practice Development Function"
Presenter: Jeff Pawlow, CEO, The Growth Partnership

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Performance Management: A Perfect Fit

Windows Mainframe - The Next Technology for CPA Firms

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1. Advice is requested regarding the rules for determining the difference between alimony and child support when the payee and the recipient disagree.

2. What determines whether or not working and royalty interests in oil and gas properties are eligible for the Section 29 credit?

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