AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 88

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 88
March 30, 2001

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This Week's News From AccountingWEB

1. Wells Fargo Buys H.D. Vest for $127 Million
2. Accenture Considering IPO
3. Partners - A Little Disagreement Can Improve Revenues
4. Pro2Net Calls it Quits
5. IRS Finds New Way to Track Tax Miscreants
6. Outsourcing the Practice Development Function – Workshop
7. Busy Season in the Internet Age Equals Business as Usual
8. 'Mr. CPA' Designation Denied.....For Now
9. Is High-Tech Your Niche? Survey Says It Should Be
10. Tax Tip: Where To File Your Tax Return


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This week saw the confirmation from Internet pioneer Pro2Net (formerly AccountingNet) that they would be closing their doors after six years of serving the accounting profession. Although we were strong competitors, AccountingWEB salutes the founders of Pro2Net for implementing a vision for how the Internet can help raise the waters for the accounting profession. We wish the founders and former staff well in their future endeavors.

Michael Platt, CEO


1. Wells Fargo Buys H.D. Vest for $127 Million

In a first-of-its-kind transaction, banking giant Wells Fargo announces that it will complete the acquisition of financial services company H.D.Vest in the next 90 days.

2. Accenture Considering IPO

Industry analysts indicate that former Andersen Consulting Group, Accenture, is testing the waters for their own IPO offering. The question seems to be not "if?" but "when?"

3. Partners - A Little Disagreement Can Improve Revenues

Attention partners: Whether you are operating in a CPA firm or in a corporate environment, take the time to read this article. It will show you how too much consensus can be detrimental to your company's fiscal health.


AccountingWEB, in cooperation with the Association of Merger & Acquisition Advisors, is pleased to bring you access to the OneSource Business Browser, the competitive intelligence database used by many of the Fortune 500, at a very special rate. This group member discount represents savings of up to 90% off what you would pay if you were to buy it on your own!

4. Pro2Net Calls it Quits

After a six year run as a premier accounting industry Internet portal, Pro2Net (formerly AccountingNet) has decided to close its doors for good.

5. IRS Finds New Way to Track Tax Miscreants

If your local IRS agent is sitting at a desk reading the paper, watch out. The agent may just be scanning the headlines to find taxpayers who may have forgotten about good old Uncle Sam.

6. Outsourcing the Practice Development Function – Workshop

Any company that is considering outsourcing the practice development function is encouraged to review the transcripts of this week’s AccountingWEB workshop, presented by Jeff Pawlow, CEO of the Growth Partnership.

7. Busy Season in the Internet Age Equals Business as Usual

Online tax preparation usage is way up this year, but 38% of those who use the Internet for filing taxes insist that they will still utilize the services of a professional tax preparer.

8. 'Mr. CPA' Designation Denied.....For Now

Thanks to the wisdom of an Illinois County Judge, State Senator Christopher J. Lauzen will NOT be formally changing his name to "Christopher J. Lauzen CPA" anytime soon. But that request by Mr. Lauzen is not the most disturbing part of this bizarre story.


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9. Is High-Tech Your Niche? Survey Says It Should Be

If you practice outside of Silicon Valley or Boston or Northern Virginia, get prepared for what practitioners in those high-tech hotbeds have known for several years - high tech businesses are coming to a town near you, and they need financial assistance just like everyone else.

10. Tax Tip: Where To File Your Tax Return

Double-check the address on that envelope! The IRS has changed the mailing address for individual returns in twelve states this year. "The check is in the mail" just won't cut it.


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Whether you have questions on tax related items, software
downloads, or need to find an answer to a problem, AccountingWEB's Q&A Forum is the place to go. Here are some of our latest questions. Click on the link(s) below to offer your insight and feedback or to see what others recommend:

1. What is a fair hourly rate for a Marketing Director?

2. Is an employer-provided health club membership taxable to employees?

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