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Do I hear $1,000? provides new way to find a CPA was launched in late April as a new way for individuals and businesses to find and retain CPA-related services. The Web site is free to use and helps connect individuals and businesses with CPAs. By connecting those seeking CPA services and those providing these services,'s goal is to make the process of finding and engaging a CPA more efficient and less expensive.
"The Web site creates a virtual marketplace that benefits both parties involved," according to CPA and cofounder of the site, Keena Johnson. "Clients obtain competitive bids for the services they are seeking and CPAs build their books of business." The Web site brings two parties together that have ultimately the same goal. Due to teh confidential nature of work performed by CPAs, the client postings do not contain the identifying or contact information of the individual or business making the post. CPAs who have registered with the site are able to browse through postings (services) by location, service type, or keyword. A public and private question thread allows for communication regarding additional information that needs to be exchanged between the CPA and a potential client.
The CPAs are able to submit bids on the postings based on three fee structures: an hourly rate, a flat fee, or "other" bid type. Due to the complexity of some services provided by CPAs, it may be difficult to exchange all information that a CPA needs to arrive at an accurate bid via the Web; therefore, the is just one step in the process of building a client-CPA relationship. After a CPA shows interest in a posting by submitting a bid, the CPA's profile appears with the bid. The profile includes name, location, experience, license number, specializations, profile picture, firm name, and company Web site URL. The potential client can select a CPA on the criteria he feels is most important to him. Only after the client selects a CPA is the individual's or business's identifying contact information available to the selected CPA. is free to use and there is no obligation to select a CPA. is modeled after, a similar Web site for lawyers and clients., which was founded by co-founder, Nick Cronin, has thousands of registered users all over the United States.
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