Accenture Reaches Out to Government

In an effort to take advantage of a growing governmental need for online services, Accenture has acquired the privately-owned firm of Epylon. Epylon provides e-procurement services for over 450 state government agencies and schools.

Epylon is a self-described "One stop solution for bringing together public sector buyers and suppliers for efficient on-line purchasing."

"It's the natural evolution of [enterprise resource planning] systems," said David Wilkins, managing partner for ventures and new business in Accenture's government unit. "Half of the U.S. states are either buying or recently bought e-procurement systems. It's at the front of the food chain at state adminitrations."

Epylon's senior management team and all of Epylon's nearly 90 employees have accepted positions with Accenture. This addition to the Accenture fold comes in the wake of massive layoffs announced late last week.

Epylon will become a wholly-owned affiliate of Accenture. Epylon revenue last year was over $4 million.

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