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"I really enjoy getting your e-mails--always great information. Thanks so much!"
Brenda Thomas
Bureau of Public Works
Concord, New Hampshire

"Your emails are well designed and nice looking.  Kudos!"
Rochelle Otterstrom
Burnett + Company LLP, CPAs
Rancho Cordova, California

"I enjoy and appreciate AccountingWEB keeping us up-to-date on what we need to know."
Gary Rhea
Cleveland, Tennessee

"Thanks for your refreshing and mindful perspective! I enjoy your fine sense of humor and the articles you share with us. Regardless of our crazy and compressed workload during tax season, I still can not imagine working in any other profession. Even WITH our insight into our more exciting clients' businesses...public accounting is still where it's at! Keep up the fine job!"
Joann L. Hards, CPA
Philips and Hards, P.C.
Durango, Colorado

"I am an accounting student and have just found your site. After spending many hours with my face planted in text books, it is refreshing to see the "human" side of this profession. It's not all journals and balance sheets after all!"
Mike Cusson
Ashford University

"Thanks for the great website and newsletter!"
Carolee A Lindsey, CPA
Ocel Heimer & Lindsey, LTD
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Thanks for publishing the weekly quizzes. It's a good break from work to take the quizzes."
Roy D. Raemer, CPA
Steinberg Advisors, Ltd.
Northbrook, Illinois

"I love the website and check it out every week."
Sandy Browner, CPA
MV Equipment, LLC
Sterling, Colorado

"I really enjoy the quizzes. I love the website too and have forwarded it to all my accounting friends."
Robin Massingale, CPA
Jeffery, Corrigan & Shaw LLP
Corona, California

"I've been watching your progress over the years, and I think you put out a great product."
Doug Sleeter
The Sleeter Group, Inc.
Pleasanton, California

"I really enjoy the AccountingWEB e-newsletters. Being a sole practitioner, they keep me current on all the accounting news. Your e-newsletters are a great tool!"
Mary DeBois
Avalon Business Services
Concord, California

"We receive your e-newsletters on a regular basis and find them most useful and timely."
Charles A. Kolb, CPA
Cuba, Missouri

"I just stumbled on the site and absolutely love it! Great articles for not just accounting, but general business and marketing (the latter is my world). Besides the quality of the content, the usability of the site is amazing."
Rhea Drysdale
Less Accounting, Jacksonville, Florida

"Thanks for the great information available on your blog. I will keep it bookmarked so that I can stay as current as possible in the accounting industry!"
Sheila Masta
Gatto Associates

"Thanks for the great information available on your blog. I will keep it bookmarked so that I can stay as current as possible in the accounting industry!"
Sheila Masta
Gatto Associates

"You provide a valuable resource and we do appreciate it."
Barbara M. Iannoni
Massachusetts Society of CPAs
Boston, Massachusetts

"The AccountingWEB site and news wires are excellent compilations of the many jobs we do as accountants. Thanks again for delivering such an excellent product."
Erik Lindquist, CFE
Lindquist & Associates, LLC
Okemos, Michigan

"What a great idea to put accounting humor in our stressful days!"
Carolyn A. McNamara
Farm Bureau Insurance Company of Michigan

"Great job with the website, it is very informative and keeps me up-to-date!"
Margene Zink
Kruggel, Lawton, & Co.
South Bend, Indiana

"Thanks for your updates--your program is a great resource."
Steve DeOrlow, CPA, CFO/Controller
Protec Building Services
San Diego, California

"Great job with the website, it is very informative and keeps me up-to-date!"
Margene Zink
Kruggel, Lawton, & Co.
South Bend, Indiana

"Thanks for the quizzes. I think they are fun!"
Amber D.
Houston, Texas

"I appreciate keeping up with current events through the emails from accountingweb.com."
Barbara W. Scofield
University of Dallas

"I love the articles you publish on-line. They are also so PRACTICAL."
Robert L. Barker, Ph.D., CPA, University Controller
California State University, Northridge
Northridge, CA

"I enjoy AccountingWEB and think it is a great resource. The quizzes are also a nice motivator to keep current with the many finance and accounting standards/principles we follow."
Stan Chaplin
CPA's Ltd.
Waukegan, Illinois

"Great content in the latest Bi-Weekly Business Bullet!"
Jim Skrobosinski, CPA
Grant Thornton, LLP
Southfield, Michigan

"I enjoy reading the articles on your web site and e-mail distributions."
George I. Victor, CPA
Holtz Rubenstein Reminick LLP
New York, New York

"AccountingWEB's news wires are the most interesting and professional e-mail newsletters I receive. They always contain articles worth reading, which I can't say is true for most similar distributions. Keep up the good work."
Chris Doherty
Chief Financial Officer
Cal/West Seeds
Woodland, California

"I appreciate the opportunity to participate in your College Stadium Blanket promotion. I have been a subscriber for several years. I enjoy and benefit professionally from reading your newsletters."
David Dearman
University of Arkansas

"I find AccountingWeb quite informative and entertaining."
Jared Ruonala
Accounting Consultant
Pasadena, California

"Thanks for your great work on the Weekly Business Brief. I really appreciate the variety and information. I read every one to find the things that pertain to me and my job. Many times I forward various articles to friends and co-workers. "
Doug Smith, Accountant
Zbattery.com, Inc.

"I read AccountingWEB religiously--it keeps getting better all the time."
Doreen D. Hurley
Montvale, New Jersey

"I have been a frequent visitor to the site for over a year and have seen the changes that have occurred since my first visit. Keep up the great work."
John L. Nguyen
External Finance Chair
CSUF Accounting Society
Cal State Fullerton
Fullerton, California

"I love your site--it's one of the cleanest and easiest to navigate sites around."
John Boit
Melwood Global
Washington, D.C.

"I enjoy your newsletter and read and review it thoroughly..."
Glenn Hardy, EA
Parker, Colorado


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