IPA Names Nation’s Best-Managed Accounting Firms

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INSIDE Public Accounting named 25 public accounting firms from across the country as the nation’s best-managed accounting firms for 2004, based on fiscal and management performance. (See list below.)

The firms, featured in the October 2004 issue of INSIDE Public Accounting, range in size from $267 million to less than $2 million in net revenue. They cover diverse geographic locations, stretching from New England to the Pacific coast. Size and geographic location are not criteria for inclusion on the list.

IPA’s best-managed accounting firms are selected from the hundreds of firms that participate in the publication’s annual survey of accounting firms. The selections are based on more than 30 criteria that serve as commonly accepted indicators of great management of accounting firms. They include (but aren’t limited to) revenue growth, profitability and profitability growth, human resources and staff issues, management of resources and rewards to owners.

IPA selects the nation’s 25 best-managed accounting firms annually and refers to them as IPA’s “Best of the Best.” The publication also selected 25 firms as “Best Of The Best Honorable Mentions,” which serve as runners-up and complete IPA’s 2004 list of the 50 best managed firms in the nation. The full list of IPA’s “Best of the Best” can be found at www.hudsonsawyer.com.

“We use a rigorous process for selecting the 25 best-managed accounting firms. This designation is one of the most elite honors an accounting firm can receive, because it’s based entirely on fiscal and operational performance,” said Julie Lindy, editor of INSIDE Public Accounting. Added Martha Sawyer, publisher of INSIDE Public Accounting, “The management standards and performance of these 25 firms are second to none among accounting firms nationwide. It’s our pleasure to bestow this distinctive and prestigious honor on each of them. They truly represent the best of the best in the realm of accounting firm management.”
INSIDE Public Accounting

2004 Best of The Best
America’s Best Firms Based on Fiscal and Management PerformanceFirm/
Net Rev.Partners-
Aronson & Co.; Rockville, MD$29,500,00017-1501Lisa J. Cines
Berkowitz Dick Pollack & Brant; Miami, FL$24,883,99712-1262Richard A. BerkowitzClark Nuber; Bellevue, WA$16,699,08513-1081David KatriCrowe Group; Indianapolis, IN$267,677,936170-1,53319Mark L. HilderbrandDoeren Mayhew; Troy, MI$31,200,00020-1702Mark A. CrawfordFeeley & Driscoll; Boston, MA$16,436,96913-911Thomas M. FeeleyGBQ Partners; Columbus, OH$11,002,4219-801Wade M. KozichG.T. Reilly & Co.; Milton, MA$5,000,0005-301Anthony SmeriglioGettry Marcus Stern & Lehrer; New York$9,590,00011-402Steven L. MarcusGifford Hillegass & Ingwersen; Atlanta, GA$10,663,5969-601Dick IngwersenGramkow Carnevale Seifert & Co.; Oradell, NJ$5,210,3697-241Ted CarnevaleHarb Levy & Weiland; San Francisco$10,553,19111-561John WilliamsonKaufman, Rossin & Co.; Miami, FL$29,230,00023-1634James R. KaufmanKuebler Prudhomme & Co.; Temecula, CA$1,970,0622-112Joseph J. KueberMarcum & Kliegman; Woodbury, NJ$45,690,15325-2225Jeffrey M. WeinerMiller Grossbard & Associates; Houston, TX$2,764,2542-161Russell J. MillerMorrison, Brown, Argiz & Co.; Miami, FL$24,000,00015-1313Antonio L. ArgizNovogradac & Co.; San Francisco, CA$19,735,49010-1486Michael J. NovogradacReznick Group; Bethesda, MD$90,069,09652-5915Ken BaggettSeiler & Co.; Redwood City, CA$19,032,00011-1122James DeMartini IIISellers Richardson et al.; Birmingham, AL$5,588,8556-261James L. RichardsonVitale, Caturano & Co.; Boston, MA$30,200,00026-2151Richard CaturanoWhitley Penn; Hurst, TX$11,010,9469-643Larry AutreyWithumSmith+Brown; Princeton, NJ$31,055,00032-1707Ivan C. BrownWindes & McClaughry; Long Beach, CA$14,867,00013-931Jack E. Hinsche

2004 Best of The Best Honorable Mentions
America’s Best Firms Based on Fiscal and Management PerformanceFirm/
Net Rev.Partners-
ExecutiveAnchin Block& Anchin; New York$42,600,00041-2021James AnchinArgy Wiltse & Robinson McLean, VA$16,480,73510-871Paul J. ArgyArmanino McKenna; San Ramon, CA$19,156,56017-1112Joseph F. MooreBaden Gage & Schroeder; Fort Wayne, IN$15,346,9208-1294Ronald E. BadenBederson & Co.; West Orange, NJ$9,946,35411-741Mark MazzaBeers & Cutler; Vienna, VA$24,600,00016-1832Ed OfferdingerBlue & Co.; Indianapolis, IN$22,280,99917-1287James LienhoopBlum Shapiro & Co.; West Hartford, CT$18,638,61124-1271Carl R. JohnsonEhrhardt Keefe Steiner & Hottman; Denver, CO$17,751,21617-1191Robert HottmanEisner; New York$73,161,00061-3803Richard EisnerFrank Rimerman & Co.; Palo Alto, CA$28,356,75116-1193Bryan C. PolsterFriedman Alpren & Green; New York$25,342,00020-1462Bruce A. MadnickFrazier & Deeter; Atlanta, GA$10,916,18211-722David A. DeeterGainer Donnelly & Desroches; Houston, TX$8,671,8008-562Rick ShellGood Swartz Brown & Berns; Los Angeles, CA$13,811,60016-902David L. SwartzHein + Associates; Denver, CO$21,522,00020-1265Larry UnruhJ.H. Cohn; Roseland, NJ$103,144,00090-5109Thomas J. MarinoKatz, Sapper & Miller; Indianapolis, IN$22,910,00023-1501David ResnickMohler, Nixon & Williams; Campbell, CA$18,255,98220-1032Greg FinleyMoore Stephens Frost; Little Rock, AR$12,491,5198-902Gregory FlesherRothstein, Kass & Co.; Roseland, NJ$71,679,00033-5048Harris RothsteinSkoda Minotti & Co.; Mayfield Village, OH$12,000,00012-681Gregory J. SkodaStout Causey Consulting; Hunt Valley, MD$18,653,2808-1658Thomas E. StoutTofias; Boston, MA$22,000,00022-1282Tracy GallagherWarren Averett Kimbrough & Marino; Birmingham, AL$18,532,98425-1343James A. Warren


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