The Best Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Excel

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Ctrl+ZUndoCtrl+C Enter, Ctrl+V Ctrl+XCopy, Paste, Multiple Paste, CutCtrl+F, Ctrl+HFind, Find&ReplaceCtrl+P, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+F4, Alt+F4Print, Save, Close, Close ExcelCtrl+ArrowMove to edge of regionCtrl+*Select current regionCtrl+ASelect all cellsCtrl+Home Ctrl+EndSelect A1, Select last cell in used rangeCtrl+Shift+EndSelect from active cell to last cell in used range.Ctrl+Shift+HomeSelect from active cell to A1Ctrl+Page Down Ctrl+Page UpMove to the next sheet, Move to the previous sheetCtrl+TabMove to next open workbookCtrl+NOpen new workbookShift+F11Insert new worksheetShift+F3Paste function window=+FunctionName+Ctrl+AInsert new functionAlt+F11Open VBECtrl+Shift+EnterArray formulaCtrl+F3, F3Define name, Paste nameCtrl+Spacebar Shift+SpacebarSelect columns, Select rowsCtrl+1, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+UFormat cells, Bold, UnderlineCtrl+; , Ctrl+shift+:Current date, Current time
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