Everything you need to know about Excel range names


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Almost since the beginning of time, as measured by AccountingWEB, Excel tips have been popular on both the U.S. and the UK AccountingWEB sites. And of all the myriad Excel tips that have been published on both sides of the Atlantic, none have been more well-read and virtually dog-eared than those about range names. Here is the latest Excel range name Q&A coming out of our UK site, with links to more of our outstanding Excel range name tips at the bottom.

It is possible to allocate a name to an Excel cell or a block of cells and even directly to an Excel formula. Names can be used to make navigation and selection easier and can be used in place of cell references to make formulae easier to understand. Until the 2007 version, Excel’s own tools for managing names were fairly minimal, although third-party add-ins are available. Excel 2007 introduced the new Name manager feature which provided a set of basic tools for managing names.

What’s the quickest way of allocating a range name to a cell or block of cells?
Names can be created by using the Formulas, Defined Names, Define Name option (Excel 2003 menu: Insert,-Name- Define). However, a quicker

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why can't we use spaces to named ranges???

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Because the space sign is a operator in excel (like +, -, *).

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Can we use the same range name in different workbooks?? Is it possible?

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