Microsoft Outlook: Disabling the Send without a Location Prompt

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By David Ringstrom, CPA

Outlook often tries to be helpful and alert you when you've left the Location field blank within a meeting request. However, often the meeting location is implicitly known or isn't necessary, such as for a phone call. In this article, I'll demonstrate how you can eliminate the prompt shown in Figure 1. You can adapt this technique to prefill other fields within Outlook forms as desired.
Figure 1: A simple form customization in Outlook can eliminate this prompt.
To get started, carry out these steps:
1. For all versions of Outlook: Select your calendar in Outlook.
  • Outlook 2010 and later: Turn on the Developer tab by choosing File, Options, and then Customize Ribbon. Click the Developer checkbox, and then click OK, as shown in Figure 2.  Click the Design a Form button on the Developer tab, as shown in Figure 3.
  • Outlook 2007 and earlier: Choose Tools, Forms, and then Design a Form.
Figure 2: Enable the Developer tab in Outlook 2010 and later.
2. Double-click on Appointment in the Standard Forms library, as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 3: In Outlook 2010 and later, Design a Form appears on the Developer tab. Double-click on Appointment in all versions of Outlook.
3. Fill in a location, such as (none), as shown in Figure 4.
  • Outlook 2007 and later: Click Publish and then Publish Form, as shown in Figure 4.
  • Outlook 2003 and earlier: Choose Tools, Forms, and then Publish Form.
Figure 4: Publish the form after adding text in the Location field.
4. Assign a Display Name, such as Appointment, and then click Publish, as shown in Figure 5.
Figure 5: Assign a name to your custom form.
5. Close the form window, and click Yes to save if prompted.
6. The next steps involve making this new form the default for your calendar. To do so in all versions of Outlook:
  • Right-click on your calendar (underneath "My Calendars" along the left-hand side of Outlook) and choose Properties, as shown in Figure 6.
  • Select the form that you just created from the "When posting to this folder, use" drop-down list, and then click OK. The built-in Outlook forms have a prefix of IPM; any forms that you customize will not have this prefix.
Figure 6: Make this new form the default for your Calendar.
Going forward, the Location field will be prefilled with the text of your choice, and you'll no longer encounter the dreaded "Send meeting request without location" prompt.
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About the author:

David H. Ringstrom, CPA heads up Accounting Advisors, Inc., an Atlanta-based software and database consulting firm providing training and consulting services nationwide. Contact David at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter. David speaks at conferences about Microsoft Excel, and presents webcasts for several CPE providers, including AccountingWEB partner CPE Link.


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this is a brilliant tip. thank you!

Thank you! I greatly appreciate the feedback!

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useful information..thank you :)

I'm glad that you found it helpful. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much, Now outlook is less annoying

Thanks for taking a moment to leave your thoughts! I'm glad you found my article helpful.

You have no idea how helpful this was to me. Thank you for taking the time to lay everything out so clearly.

Oh, but I do! :-) That prompt used to drive me mad in Outlook, and one day I finally stopped to research a solution.Thanks for taking a moment to share your thoughts!

OMG THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was sooo annoying!!!

I'm happy that you found my article. I agree it's an annoying "feature" that should be easier to disable.

any chance you'd know how to do the same for the emails? i've just tried to apply the same for sending an email with no subject but it wont let me select the newly created form. the only option coming up is

You can create email templates in Outlook that can have a space in the subject field if you choose, so that's not empty, but from an etiquette standpoint I recommend against doing so.

Thank you so much! That "feature" annoyed me everyday.

Yes, maddening, isn't? I'm glad you ran across my article.

And also a very clear and good guideline.

Thank you for your kind feedback. I greatly appreciate it.