Cloud Computing Versus Software as a Service

cloud computing
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As our world becomes more and more connected, the terms used to describe online services blur into abstraction. In this article, I'll clarify the terms "cloud computing" versus "software as a service," often referred to as SaaS. In some ways, it's like describing two sides of the same coin. However, there are some clear distinctions, along with risks and rewards to keep in mind.

The Internet is increasingly being referred to as the cloud. One of the earliest mentions of cloud computing is in the paper The Self-governing Internet: Coordination by Design published by MIT Professors Sharon Eisner Gillett and Mitchell Kapor in 1996. Readers of a certain age will remember one of Kapor's other ideas...

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By Sarahparker
Jun 26th 2015 01:10

I have used some SaaS such as Quickbooks Online. Found a good companion to this was Allowed for easy collaboration of accounting documents.

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By Brad K
to tonypry
Jun 26th 2015 01:10

recently looked at the site and signed up for a free trial. Would have to agree, makes collaboration on documents with clients a breeze.

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Sep 22nd 2016 12:14

I used quickbooks online for about two months so I guess it will fall under SaaS and later moved to a hosting provider so I guess it falls under cloud computing

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