by John Stokdyk on Dec 15, 2014
As 2014 draws to a close, we take a look at the technology tools and trends that will shape the new year.
by Jason Bramwell on Dec 11, 2014
The menu features specials on KPMG global revenue up 6%, review site G2 Crowd ranks payroll software, and more.
by Kristen Rampe on Dec 10, 2014
In this texting world, we tend to forget just how important a human voice can be, as this humorous anecdote shows.
by David Ringstrom on Dec 09, 2014
To determine the first Sunday, it’s a simple matter of using the WEEKDAY and CHOOSE functions together.
by Stephanie Chapa on Dec 08, 2014
Don't get caught with a broken site when you need it most. Consider conducting periodic website audits.
by Jamie Sutherland on Dec 04, 2014
One firm has figured out how to help clients without them even knowing. Consider taking a page from their book.
by Matt Peterson on Dec 02, 2014
The right DMS can improve a firm’s bottom line and help it more easily meet regulatory requirements.
by Andy Smith and ... on Nov 21, 2014
To many millennials, the internet is as important as air, water, food, and shelter. You can help them and help yourself by become more environmentally friends and reducing your carbon footprint.
by John Lankenau a... on Nov 19, 2014
As accounting standards and regulations continue to increase in complexity, modern technological solutions will become increasingly vital not just to satisfy new challenges, but to enable financial institutions to thrive in spite of them.
by Jason Bramwell on Nov 18, 2014
The menu for Nov. 18 features specials on foreign filers and XBRL reporting data, Orrin Hatch says dynamic scoring no magic elixir to fix tax code, EY finds tech M&A deals soared in 3Q of 2014, and more.
by Terry Sheridan on Nov 18, 2014
It's about security, speed, and reliability—and all your systems working together. In this exclusive interview, a cloud expert explains what the problems are, and what you should be looking for.
by Jason Bramwell on Nov 13, 2014
The first-ever accounting software report from G2 Crowd, which was released on Oct. 30, ranked nine software products based on more than 300 reviews and ratings from business professionals.
by John Stokdyk on Nov 11, 2014
Sage stole the limelight at Solutions 14 in Las Vegas this week with an innovative cloud KPI reporting tool that can pull in client data from both desktop and cloud applications.
by John Stokdyk on Nov 11, 2014
New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is having a noticeable impact on Excel, says technology editor-at-large David H. Ringstrom. Meanwhile, despite reports to the contrary, Excel is alive and well.
by Caleb Newquist on Nov 10, 2014
If you’ve ever been to the Sleeter Accounting Solutions Conference, you know that many technology companies attend, sharing their ideas for helping accountants and small business people improve their processes.


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