by Jason Bramwell on Jul 09, 2014
Starting in January 2015, the IRS will limit the number of refunds that are electronically deposited into a single financial account or pre-paid debit card to three, as part of the agency's effort to crack down on fraud and identity theft.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 09, 2014
The menu for July 9 features specials on Ways and Means pitches transportation measure, House likely to vote on bonus depreciation bill this week, IMA names new chairman of its Global Board of Directors, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 08, 2014
The menu for July 8 features specials on Swiss banks threaten freeze on US accounts over tax evasion, 30 years of inversions in one chart, GAO says IRS misleads audited taxpayers, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 07, 2014
Summer wedding season is underway, but have you considered some of the tax issues that go along with tying the knot? If not, the IRS has provided the following five basic tips that can help keep those issues to a minimum.
by Ken Berry on Jul 07, 2014
There's a creative method that some vacation-home owners may be able to use to avoid adverse tax consequences. The well-known active participation break isn't the only way to save on taxes.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 07, 2014
The menu for July 7 features specials on PCAOB likely to vote on naming engagement partner proposal by year’s end, EU widens its tax inquiry of multinational firms, SEC final pay rules coming soon, and more.
by Julian Block on Jul 07, 2014
Can you deduct the costs of traveling to investment seminars and shareholders' meetings? The IRS draws some very fine lines on these investment expenses, but the courts have shown some flexibility.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 03, 2014
The menu for July 3 features specials on lawmakers throw the book at tax scofflaws to raise revenue, states take lead on gas tax increases, GOP presses Justice to act on Lois Lerner contempt citation, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 02, 2014
The US Treasury Department said on July 1, the day FATCA went into effect, that nearly 100 jurisdictions and more than 80,000 financial institutions worldwide now have agreements with the United States to fight overseas tax evasion.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 02, 2014
A new form introduced by the IRS on Tuesday, Form 1023-EZ, is expected to help speed up the approval process for small charities and nonprofit groups that have applied for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 02, 2014
The menu for July 2 features specials on SEC bars accounting firm from auditing US-traded companies in China, True the Vote/IRS court hearing next week, tax strategy used by Illinois governor hopeful, and more.
by Ken Berry on Jul 02, 2014
Few transactions involving income taxes taxes are as likely to go wrong, and carry as severe consequences, as qualified retirement plan rollovers. Make sure your clients don't fall victim.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 01, 2014
According to a new policy unveiled by the agency on Tuesday, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) will expire if not used on a federal income tax return for five consecutive years. The ITIN will remain in effect as long as a taxpayer continues to file US tax returns.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 01, 2014
The IRS on Monday issued final rules for its new Annual Filing Season Program, an initiative announced last week that will enable paid tax return preparers to voluntarily fulfill continuing education requirements and obtain a record of completion.
by Jason Bramwell on Jul 01, 2014
The menu for July 1 features specials on many states cut taxes as their fiscal years’ begin, PCAOB finds deficiencies in 19 of 59 PwC audits, challenge of Colorado’s sales tax law heads to Supreme Court, and more.


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