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Benchmarking Your Organization- with Ric Payne

Ric PayneResults Accountants SystemsSession Moderator: Good afternoon to you! I'm excited about our workshop this afternoon. Benchmarking is truly one of the things that can impact your firm's performance. We are thrilled that Ric Payne, CEO and President of Results Accountants’ Systems, is here to lead this workshop.Please allow me to introduce Ric Payne to you.

Towards the Timeless Practice with Paul Dunn

Session Moderator: Welcome to all of you joining us today! Today we are excited to present Paul Dunn and his workshop, Towards The Timeless Practice. Remember that this is YOUR workshop. If you have any questions, please jump in and ask. If we miss a question, I'll "collect" them for answering at the end. With that, I'll turn it over to Paul! Welcome Paul! We are glad to have you today. Or is it night, there in France?Paul Dunn: It's night. Welcome. Hopefully my web connection from France holds up.

The Future of Financial Reporting - with Mike Willis

Session Moderator: Good afternoon everyone! Thanks for joining us today. We are thrilled that Mike Willis is leading our workshop today. Before we get started with the introductions, please allow me to remind you that this is your workshop. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If we miss your question, I'll be sure to "collect" it and ask Mike to answer it at the end of the session. Mike Willis: Here is what I thought we would cover today. Why do we need/want XBRL?What does XBRL enable users to do? What is XBRL?

Finding and Retaining Good People - with Debbie Peri

Debbie PeriProfessional Development Consultantfor Results Accountants' SystemsMichael Platt: We are fortunate today to be joined by Debbie Peri to discuss finding and retaining good people.Let me take a minute to introduce Debbie: Growing up in Northern California and Scottsdale, Arizona, Debbie completed her undergraduate work at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Marketing Like a Pro on a Shoestring Budget - with Tina Kersen

Tina Kersenthe one80 group214-739-5616[Session Moderator] Welcome to "Marketing on a Shoestring Budget" with Tina Kersen.[Session Moderator] Allow me to introduce Tina.[Session Moderator] Tina Kersen loves the dynamics of today's evolving accounting firm. An entrepreneur, with a background in human resources and market research, Tina brings a unique perspective to marketing.[Session Moderator] She has published articles about outsourcing, employee retention, employee morale, and financial strategies.
Workplace Fitness

More Busy Season Stress Busters

Welcome, I'm glad you took time out to join us! Is it stressful in your firms?Jane: I have many ideas to share!Session Moderator: Great, Jane! Why don't you get us started.Jane: Well, we have stress-busting (called "Hoopla") every Friday here. It usually involves food!Session Moderator: Can you share details - how does it work?Lara Niles: FOOD! Our office too seems to deal with stress with food! We call it the tax season 10 (meaning 10 lbs.!)Jane: That is so true!Coy: We bring lots of food as well!

Differentiation: A Key To Success - with Suzanne Lowe

Suzanne LoweExpertise MarketingSession Moderator: Suzanne Lowe is the president of Expertise Marketing, a business dedicated to providing marketing and management counsel to the leadership of service firms, especially those in professional services throughout the US and Canada.Clients work with Expertise Marketing to identify, package and build their unique intellectual capital.

On Campus Recruiting Techniques - with Christy Matheson

Session Moderator: Good afternoon all! We have an information-packed session for you today. I want to welcome Christy Matheson with AtWork Solutions as our Workshop Leader. Christy Matheson began her career in marketing and advertising at an in-house agency for a physician search firm. She later entered the technology field through her position as a Regional Sales Manager for Data Storage Marketing in Dallas.Ms. Matheson served as lead instructor at ExecuTrain, where she gained software training and development experience.

Unique Core Differentiators - with Rich Durkin

Rich DurkinResults Accountants' SystemsSession Moderator: Good afternoon everyone. Hope you all are off to another successful week. Today, we are happy to welcome Rich Durkin with Results Accountants' Systems. Before we get started, remember that this is your workshop. Our online format allows you to ask questions just like you would at any other type of seminar. So, feel free to jump in at anytime. If, for some reason we skip your question, don't worry.

More on Value Added - with Sylvia Pate

Sylvia PateQuicksilver ConsultingSession Moderator: Welcome and thanks for joining us. We have a lively workshop planned! Before we get started, let me assure you that we'll answer all your questions even if we have to look at them at the end of the session. Our workshop is interactive, so feel free to jump in at anytime!Let's introduce our workshop leader first.Sylvia Pate has a management consulting and development practice in Dallas.

Beating Busy Season Stresses Idea Exchange

Looking for some ideas to combat the stresses of busy season? Scroll through the transcripts below and find out what others are doing to reduce burnout this time of year. Add your own comments to the bottom of the transcript and contribute your ideas too!Session Moderator: Good afternoon! Thanks for joining us on our first round table discussion!More accounting magazines are reporting on things accounting firms are doing to help accountants beat the stress of the tax season.

Value Pathing: Adding Value To Client Services - with Sylvia Pate

Sylvia PateQuicksilver ConsultingSession Moderator: Hi All! I'm Scott Cytron and I'll be your moderator today. The workshop format is intended to be interactive. If you have a thought or question, please jump in! I'll do you a favor and pick up the questions that we miss along the way, so don't worry about your question not being answered. Now, I'll introduce our workshop leader.QuickSilver Consulting, Inc.

Writing Winning Proposals - With Bob Kantin

Bob KantinSalesProposals.comMichael Platt: Welcome everyone to today's workshop. The session will be interactive, in that you can offer your questions at any time.We are pleased to have with us today Bob Kantin, President of SalesProposals.comBob Kantin is founder and president of, a firm devoted to making a significant impact on the sales of its clients by improving the sales proposal process.

Selling to Women Business Owners - with Gerry Myers

Gerry MyersThe Myers 817/379-0956 or800/891-4622Michael Platt: Gerry Myers is President of the Myers Group, a Texas-based firm that specializes in marketing and selling more effectively to the female consumer. As an author, consultant, professional speaker and trainer, Myers works nationally and internationally with companies to understand the purchasing power of today's women and how to best meet their needs.

Utilizing Client Advisory Boards - with Ryan Travis

Ryan TravisResults Accountants Systems1-800-800-5601In addition to these transcripts, be sure to see the supplementary materials and frequently asked questions about CAB's contributed by Results Accountants Systems.Scott Cytron: Hello, my name is Scott Cytron and I will be your workshop facilitator today.The AW Workshop Ser

Focusing On The Customer Base During M&A - with Bill Case

William Casewncase@icws.comIntegrate ChangeWare Systems972.380.4297 phone 214.853.5506 faxwww.icws.comScott Cytron: Good afternoon all! I'm Scott Cytron and will moderate today's workshop. Thanks for being here today. We are excited about offering our first workshop on mergers and acquisitions. M&As are certainly affecting the accounting industry, but they also are affecting your clients.

Computer Assisted Auditing Using IDEA - With Carolyn Newman

Below is the transcript of the workshop held January 18, 2000 and presented by Carolyn Newman on computer assisted audit techniques. Please review the transcripts, and share them with anyone else in your firm responsible for CAATs.Scott Cytron: Good afternoon. Welcome! We are happy you could be here with us this afternoon. I’m Scott Cytron and I will be facilitating the workshop today. We want to encourage you to take advantage of the interactive nature of the workshop.

Integrating Databases In Your Office - With Steve Sanchez

Steve SanchezInfoSolve11601 Plano Rd. Suite 107Dallas, TX 75243Phone:(214) 343-1171Fax: (214) 343-3988Email: steve_sanchez@infosolveinc.comScott Cytron: Good afternoon everyone! Today, we have the opportunity to talk with Steve Sanchez, a partner with InfoSolve, Inc. a Dallas-based IT firm which specializes in designing, developing, and maintaining database applications, connecting databases to the Internet, and integrating database applications.

"Any Report You Want" - David Carter on Excel Pivot Tables

Excel expert David Carter recently conducted an online workshop with AccountingWEB's sister site in the United Kingdom on using Pivot tables in Excel. The tutorial he provided has turned out to be THE most read feature of the year in AccountingWEB, and we thought we'd bring it to this side of the Atlantic so CPAs across North America can benefit from this tutorial as well.

Getting The Media To Work For You -- With Scott Cytron

Scott H. Cytroncytron@onramp.net5924 Royal LaneSuite 258Dallas TX 75230(214) 739-3060In addition to the transcript of the session below, you can download a sample pitch letter that Scott provided for working with the media.Michael Platt: I want to thank everyone for joining us here this afternoon. We are fortunate to be joined today by Scott H.


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