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Resumes That Work with Today's Technology, with Susan Ireland

Resumes That Work with Today's TechologyPresented by SUSAN IRELAND, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume"Session Moderator: I'd like to welcome everyone here today and thank you all for attending. Today's presenter is Susan Ireland.

Employee Training, with Christy Matheson

Session Moderator: Thanks for joining us today for our workshop on employee training. We are excited that Christy Matheson, a human resources specialist with AtWork Solutions could join us today. Christy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our topic.Christy Matheson: Hello- I’m glad that you are attending today. I hope that this information will helpful to you.

SEC Open Forum - Accountants Voice their Opinions

[Gail Perry] On behalf of AccountingWEB, I'd like to welcome everyone here today to our workshop room, where we hope to provide a forum for questions and answers, debate and ideas regarding the proposed auditor independence rulings under consideration by the SEC. [Gail Perry] I'd like to introduce Gary Shamis, of Saltz, Shamis & Goldfarb, Inc. Mr. Shamis is the chairman of the Leading Edge Alliance and also the chairman of the AICPA Management of an Accounting Practice Committee.[Gail Perry] In his recent remarks to the SEC, Mr.

Recruiting for your Bottom Line, with Tina Kersen Ferguson

Recruiting For Your Bottom Line: How Recruiting is just as much about Marketing as it is about Human ResourcesPresented by Tina Kersen FergusonPresident, one80group, Dallas, TexasSession Moderator: Good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us here at AccountingWEBI'd like to take a moment to introduce Tina...Tina Kersen Ferguson loves the dynamics of today's evolving business workplace.

Consolidation and the Mid-Sized Firm, presented by August Aquila

Consolidation and the Mid-Sized Firmpresented by August Aquila, Vice President, Mergers & Aquisitions, American Express Tax and Business ServicesSession Moderator: Good afternoon everyone!

Online Accounting: Front-line to Bottom Line, with Jack Fox

Online Accounting: Front-line to Bottom Line, with Jack Fox, M.B.A., author of Building a Profitable Online Accounting PracticeAccountingWEB Workshop presented 8/31/00Session Moderator: Welcome everyone and thanks for joining us today. Today's guest is Jack Fox. Jack is an unforgettable speaker, retreat facilitator, practice development consultant, master of ceremonies and accomplished professional stand-up comedian.

Value Pricing, with Ron Baker

Value Pricing WorkshopPresented by Ron Baker, speaker, consultant, trainer, and best-selling author of "The Professional's Guide to Value Pricing"Session Moderator: Thank you, Ron, for leading our workshop today!Session Moderator: Ronald J. Baker started his accounting career in 1984 with KPMG Peat Marwick's Private Business Advisory Services in San Francisco.

Active Listening: The First Step in Excellence, with Michelle Golden

Presented by: Michelle Goldenof Golden Marketing ResourcesSession Moderator: Michelle Golden founded Golden Marketing Resources to implement business development and management solutions within small to mid-sized professional service firms.

Solving Problems in QuickBooks, with Gail Perry

Presented by Gail Perry, CPAAuthor of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to QuickBooks" and "Using QuickBooks"This Workshop was sponsored By Practitioners Publishing CompanySession Moderator: QuickBooks can be a challenge, but today, we are going to hear from our own resident expert, Gail Per

How to Incubate Opportunities in Your Own Practice, with Bruce VanHorn

Presented by Bruce VanHorn of Countthebeans.comSession Moderator: Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our workshop.Today's guest is Bruce VanHorn. Bruce is a CPA, investment advisor, and arbitrator, and the founder of Countthebeans.comBruce Van Horn: Hello, my name is Bruce Van Horn.

Making Business Taxes less Taxing, with Lee Walthall

Presented by: Lee Walthall, Chairman and CEONationtax OnlineSession Moderator: Good afternoon, everyone!Lee Walthall is the Chairman and CEO for Birmingham, Alabama-based NationTax Online, the only company currently offering a completely Web-based solution for business tax preparation, filing and payment in multiple local, state and federal tax jurisdictions.

Email Privacy: What Every Employer Should Know, with Steven Abraham

Dr. Steven E. Abraham, J.D., Ph.D.Session Moderator: I'm excited about welcoming Steven Abraham as our workshop leader.Dr. Steven E. Abraham holds a B.S. from Cornell University (1980), a J.D. degree from New York University School of Law (1983) and Ph.D. degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1992). He is a member of the New York State Bar as well as the bars of the Eastern and Southern District of New York. Between obtaining his J.D. and Ph.D. degrees, Dr.

SysTrust, with Erin Mackler of the AICPA

Session Moderator: I'm excited that Erin Mackler is here today. She works for the AICPA and has some great information about our topic. Let me introduce her quickly and then we'll get on to our subject!Erin joined the AICPA's Assurance Services Team in October 1998 as the SysTrust Team Leader. Ms. Mackler is responsible for overseeing the AICPA's Systems Reliability Task Force in the development and implementation of the CPA SysTrust service.

10 Steps to Implementing a Client Service Strategy, with Stephanie Leon

Session Moderator: Good afternoon everyone! Welcome to our workshop. Today, Stephanie Leon is going to take us through an informative hour.Before I introduce Stephanie, I want to encourage you to join in on the discussion.Stephanie Leon is an East Coast transplant, born and raised in northern New Jersey. After completing her MBA at Seton Hall University, she packed her bags and moved to the West Coast. At this time she thought long and hard about what she really wanted to do with her professional life.

Pay for Performance, with Rex Gatto

Rex Gatto, Ph.D.Gatto Training AssociatesSession Moderator: Dr. Gatto is the founder and president of Gatto Training Associates (GTA). Dr. Gatto's practice has been dedicated to helping people in the workplace to enhance productivity through a better understanding of themselves. He has done extensive research in the area of individual working, thinking, personality, leadership, teamwork and communication styles and their impact on the working environment.

E-Business: What Every Accounting Firm Needs to Know, with Gregory Price

Session Moderator: Good afternoon everyone today we are being joined by Gregory Price of Pannell Kerr Forster.Gregory S. Price is a highly experienced information technology professional with significant profit and loss responsibility for two consulting functions at worldwide accounting firms. He has an outstanding record of improving profits by increasing revenues, extending market penetration, developing new services and managing cost containment.

QuickBooks-Common Problems and Pitfalls, with Gail Perry

Gail PerryManaging EditorAccountingWEB, Inc.[Session Moderator] Welcome everyone! We have just about five more minutes before we get started.

A Career Alternative: The Enrolled Agent

Session Moderator: I'm excited about our workshop leader, Eva Rosenberg, a.k.a. Tax Mama. She has a very informative workshop planned for you and has served it up in her unique style that has resulted in a worldwide following.Eva has decades of tax and business experience, across a surprising spectrum of industries. Combining formal training at national CPA firms and years in the trenches with her warm, homey style, she does her best to protect her brood from the ravages of the U.S.

Systematizing: Improving the Effectiveness - with Trent Kaeslin

Trent KaeslinPractice Development CoordinatorResults Accountants' SystemsSession Moderator: Welcome to all of you! Please feel free to ask questions and be assured that we will come back to any questions we miss.I want to welcome Trent Kaeslin as our Workshop Leader today.

Gaining Partner Support for Marketing Efforts - with Tina Kersen

Tina Kersenthe one80 groupSession Moderator: My name is Michael Platt and I want to welcome you to today’s workshop! We're very fortunate to have Tina Kersen with us today to discuss gaining partner support for marketing efforts.Tina is the former marketing director of a CPA firm. Her view of the accounting industry comes from both a marketing and human resource slant.


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