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How to Add $8,000 a Month to Your Practice in 90 Days, with KC Truby

AccountingWEB Workshop: Tuesday, December 12, 2000Presenter: KC Truby, Founder & CEO of Bridge21Complete TranscriptKC Truby: As an opening piece of info, Bridge21 has 150 accountants using the ASP platform. They do this to link to clients in real time. Our purpose today is to review the methods we use and the steps to take to do outsource bookkeeping.

401(k): Your Hidden Income Opportunity, with Tom Palka

AccountingWEB Workshop: December 7, 2000Presenter: Tom Palka, Certified Financial Planner and the founder of RIA Technology, Inc.

Wealth Care Success, with Tony Cord

AccountingWEB Workshop: December 5, 2000Presenter: Tony Cord, Director of National Business Development,1st Global, Inc.Session Moderator: Thank you all for joining us today. We are happy to welcome Tony Cord to the AccountingWEB workshop room.Mr. Cord has experience in both the accounting profession and the financial services industry.

Providing Benefits That Can Really Help Your Employees, with Brogan Van Kleef

AccountingWEB Workshop: November 30, 2000Presenter: Brogan Van Kleef, Director of Pre-Paid Legal ServicesSession Moderator: Today we're happy to welcome Brogan Van Kleef. Brogan has been on the professional staff of two of Dallas's largest CPA firms as a tax accountant. She has also been the Director of Human Resources for a top Dallas CPA firm.

The Importance of Advanced Degrees, with Rob Chabot

AccountingWEB Workshop: November 29, 2000Presenter: Rob Chabot, M.Acc., Academic Program Coordinator, Master of Accounting programThe Max M. Fisher College of Business, Ohio State UniversitySession Moderator: Thank you all for joining us! Today we are fortunate enough to have Rob Chabot as our guest presenter. Rob Chabot is a native of Whittier, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. He has a B.S.

Creating Effective Resumes, with Robbie Kaplan

AccountingWEB Workshop: November 28, 2000Presenter: Robbie Kaplan, author of Sure-Hire Resumes and Resume Short-Cuts: How to Quickly Communicate Your Qualifications with Powerful Words and Phrases.

8 Steps to Implementing Change, with Jennifer Dayce and Brooks Parker

AccountingWEB Workshop: November 21, 2000Presenters: Jennifer Dayce and Brooks Parker, Professional Development ConsultantsResults Accountants' Systems

Excel: Favorite Tips and Your Questions Answered, with Gail Perry

AccountingWEB Workshop: November 16, 2000Presenter: Gail Perry, AccountingWEB Managing EditorAccountingWEB, Inc.Author of "Excel 2000 Answers!"

Is E-Commerce Profitable Commerce? With Robert Gold

Presented by Robert Gold, MBA, CASession Moderator: Welcome, and thank you all for joining us!Today we welcome Robert Gold to the workshop room. Robert has been in public practice in Toronto for over twenty years. His background is with KPMG.

Technology Planning in the New Millennium, with Geoff Wold and Jeffrey Locketz

Presented by Geoff Wold and Jeffrey Locketz, LBL Technology Partners, a division of Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, LLP

Clairvoyance: Convincing Your Clients You Can Read Their Minds, with Eva Rosenberg

Session Moderator: We want to welcome Eva Rosenberg todayEva, a.k.a. the Tax Mama, is the proprietor of the Tax Mama web site at, and brings decades of tax and business experience with her. Combining formal training at national CPA firms and years in the trenches with her warm, homey style, she does her best to protect her brood from the ravages of the U.S. Income Tax system.Eva's free, weekly newsletter, Ask TaxMama is a great resource.

Powerful Accounting on the Web, with David Thomas

Session Moderator: Today we are joined by David Thomas, founder, chairman, and CEO of Intacct CorporationDavid first developed accounting solutions in 1980, when he founded Cyma Systems, Inc., a leading provider of PC-accounting software. While there, he personally engineered the first PC-based accounting system and established a customer base of 45,000 companies. Later, he negotiated Cyma's acquisition by McGraw-Hill. He is also the creator of Capitalist Pig, a business-simulation game that became a top-10 best seller in 1992.

XBRL: An Update on the Future of Financial Reporting, with Mike Willis

Session Moderator: I must thank Mike Willis for returning to our workshop series to give us an update and peek into the future of XBRL.Let me introduce Mike quickly and then we'll get onto what you came to "hear!" Mike Willis, CPA is the Partner and Deputy Chief Knowledge Officer of the Audit Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP. He brings more than 18 years of experience to the table. He has responsibilities for applications and software tools used by the global audit and accounting profession of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Mr.

Advising Your Clients on Section 529 College Savings Plans, with Joe Hurley

Session Moderator: Welcome everyone and thank you all for coming today.Joseph F. Hurley, CPA is a certified public accountant with over 20 years of experience in providing tax-planning services to individuals, corporations, and tax-exempt organizations. As a partner at Bonadio & Co., LLP, a 100-person CPA firm headquartered in Pittsford, New York, Joe has had overall responsibility for the firm's delivery of tax services to its clients. With the support of his firm, Joe founded LLC in May 2000.

Marketing Your Web Site, with Glen Christopher

Marketing Your Web SitePresented by Glen Christopher, Christopher & Associates

Becoming a Trusted Advisor, with David Maister

Becoming a Trusted AdvisorWorkshop presented by: David MaisterTuesday October 17, 2000Workshop sponsored by the International Group of Accounting FirmsMichael Platt: We are delighted to be joined today by David Maist

New Models in Financial Operations, with Steven Siegel and Chris Murphy

New Models in Financial OperationsAn AccountingWEB WorkshopPresented by: Steven Siegel and Chris Murphy of FiNetricsSession Moderator: Welcome everyone, and thank you for joining us today!

Seven Ways to Gather Referrals for Your Business

7 Ways to Gather Referrals for Your Business to Make it More ValuableAn AccountingWEB WorkshopPresented by: Trent Kaeslin and Jennifer DayceResults Accountants' Systems
AccountingWEB Life

What Firms are doing to Increase Sales, with Karen Bergh

What Firms are doing to Increase Sales by Karen Bergh of RainMaker Pro Training and ConsultingSession Moderator: I want to welcome all of you to our workshop this afternoon. Feel free to ask questions anytime you like. Karen will answer them as she is able and I'll "collect" those we miss so we can come back to them.Now, I'll introduce Karen Bergh!


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