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Workplace Fitness

Workplace Fitness

Day 2: Desktop Yoga! Office Ergonomics!

Does working under tight deadlines and pressure increase your productivity? We all know that during tax season we are all under pressure. Humans by nature are meant to have high and low stress periods and if you prolong those highs you can actually decrease your productivity. Use easy Yoga moves to reduce stress and anxiety and increase productivity.Desktop Yoga Anyone?Here are a few Desktop Yoga moves to help you make it through the day. 
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Stress management tips for better work/life balance

Stress is the biggest killer in the Western world, destroys relationships, and damages productivity. The following stress management tips have been put together using an integral framework, so they include physical, psychological, social, and environmental factors.
Workplace Fitness

Colleen Black honored for promoting work/life balance

Colleen Black, of Billings, MT-based Colleen Black & Company P.C., recently received the Local Balance award by the American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA) for her firm’s support of staff balancing life and work.
Workplace Fitness

IRS releases Form 720 for tanning excise tax

The Internal Revenue Service recently released Form 720 for the excise tax on indoor tanning services imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The 10 percent excise tax became effective July 1.
Workplace Fitness

IRS issues regulations regarding tax on tanning services

The Internal Revenue Service recently has issued regulations outlining the administration of a 10 percent excise tax on indoor tanning services that goes into effect on July 1.
Workplace Fitness

Basement space becomes workout facility at Williams, Horning firm

Rather than getting their employees to go to the gym, Williams, Horning & Co., LLC, in Alpharetta, Georgia, brought the gym to the office.
Workplace Fitness

Healthy workers mean happy, more productive workers

Why should employers care about the fitness of their staff? It’s simple – healthy workers mean happy workers, which means they’re more likely to stay on with the company and perform their duties better and with more enthusiasm.
Workplace Fitness

Inspired by a coworker with MS, Sullivan & Company walks for the National MS Society

When Michele Dandurand had to leave Providence, RI-based CPA firm Sullivan & Company in July of last year due to complications from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, it was a difficult transition.
Workplace Fitness

MACPA working to reduce stress, promote laughter, improve relationships

The Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants has initiated a wellness program to encourage staff to be healthy and happy. It isn’t a weight-loss program or even a fitness program as much as it is a way to reduce stress, connect with others, and be healthier.
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PKF Texas promotes culture of health and wellness

At Pannell Kerr Forster of Texas, P.C., a CPA and business advisory firm, fitness isn’t just an annual fitness challenge, it’s a corporate way of life. While the firm does organize periodic fitness initiatives, it is the culture of consistently encouraging health and wellness that really sets it apart.
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Copanion's fitness competition provides time off as incentive

Edward Jennings, CEO of Copanion Software, admits that he's a fitness buff. And he acknowledges that it may have been selfishness on his part that got him started to create a fitness program at work.
Workplace Fitness

Accountants embrace "Biggest Loser" contest

With all the long hours and snacking that make up tax season, accountants are a perfect profession to benefit from the Biggest Loser format. Fazio, Mannuzza, Roche, Tankel, LaPilusa is about to begin Round Two.
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Taking steps toward workplace wellness

Gregory & Appel Insurance in Indianapolis has had a wellness program for years, but always felt it was missing some of the elements needed to be the successful program company officials were envisioning.
Workplace Fitness

Accounting instructor is born to run

AccountingWEB is interested in how accounting professionals are staying in shape. Dori Danko, an accounting instructor at Grand Valley State University's School of Accounting, responded to our quest for information and sparked our interest.
Workplace Fitness

Book Review: "Fitness 9 to 5" provides clever exercise options for the desk worker

Presenting the ultimate multitasking solution, "Fitness 9 to 5" is designed for the office worker who needs exercise.
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Wellness is a business strategy

Because American adults spend more days at work than any other modern country — with no legally mandated vacation minimums — it begs the question of how businesses can impact wellness.
Workplace Fitness

Crowe Horwath helps employees maintain work-life balance during busy season

For accountants in tax and auditing practices, the busy season (January 2 to April 15) is understood as a time when extra hours and working Saturdays are a given. To help ease that burden, public accounting and consulting firm Crowe Horwath LLP offers benefits targeted to helping its people maintain work/life balance.


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