Webinars by Amber Setter

Education & Careers

CPA Licensure, Circa 2014

The process for taking the Uniform CPA Exam continues to improve and evolve. Amber Setter will share her expertise to prepare candidates and their employers for licensure success.
Education & Careers

Career Coaching Future Leaders to Their Greatest Potential

We can’t deny a great divide exists between the expectations and workplace needs of Baby Boomers and Millennials. To create thriving organizational performance, we need to shift the way in which we groom future leaders.
Education & Careers

Individual Leadership: Networking and Connecting with Your Profession

In this final session of a four-part series on Individual Leadership, we will look at networking and discover a more empowering way to relate to it: connection.
Education & Careers

Individual Leadership: Powerful Goal Setting

During the third session of a four-part series on Individual Leadership, the focus will be on powerful goal setting as a critical success factor of being and becoming a leader.
Education & Careers

Individual Leadership: Managing Your Time As If It Was Your Money

During the second session of a four-part series on Individual Leadership, the focus will be on time management- a critical success factor for effective leadership. Each person has 24 hours of time to spend each day; the key is making wise investments and knowing what investments yield the greatest return.
Education & Careers

Individual Leadership: Achieving Professional Excellence by Raising the BAR

BAR is an acronym for: Boundaries, Authority and Role. This simple tool will provide participants with a solid understanding of leadership essentials to improve their performance.

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