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US Supreme Court decision


Supreme Court Piles on Hefty Tax Shelter Penalty

In a new case decided by the US Supreme Court, the remnants of a tax shelter partially constructed by wily Texas billionaire Billy Joe McCombs – known informally as "Red" – collapsed like a house of cards.

Thanks to the Supreme Court: Narrower Definition of "Supervisor" Provides Opportunities for Employers

On June 24, 2013, the US Supreme Court narrowed the definition of who qualifies as a "supervisor" for the purposes of harassment cases. This holding is a significant win for employers.

Marriage Equality: NY Gay Couples to Receive Estate Tax Refund Post-DOMA

Same-sex spouses in New York who had to pay estate taxes following the death of their partner will get refunds from the state as a result of the recent US Supreme Court decision that found a section of DOMA unconstitutional.
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