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Number of Executives Who Want to Become CEO Reaches All-Time Low

The number of executives who don't want to be CEO has doubled since 2001 (60 percent today versus 27 percent in 2001), according to new research by global communications consultancy Burson-Marsteller. Only about one-third (35 percent) say they want to be CEO (versus 47 percent in 2001). The study was conducted among Fortune 1000 executives by WirthlinWorldwide.“Due to shortened CEO tenure and intense media scrutiny, executives are more wary of the corner office," said Patrick Ford, chair of Burson-Marsteller's Corporate/Financial Practice.

Employees Facing New Plans, Changes and More During Healthcare Enrollments

U.S. workers can expect to see major changes in their employer-sponsored health benefits coverage during the upcoming open enrollment season, according to benefits consultants at Watson Wyatt Worldwide. "Faced with rising health costs, employers are making several changes to their benefit programs that employees should anticipate seeing in their enrollment packages," said Tom Billet, a senior benefits consultant with Watson Wyatt.

Fighting Fraud Calls for Assertive Auditors, Whistleblowers

Auditors already know that they must be on the lookout for fraud, but they may be uncomfortable playing the bad guy with high-powered corporate clients.Clients should understand up front that accounting and auditing firms are not only risking their reputation, but also their survival if they don't make finding fraud the central goal of their auditing services.Michael P.

Intuit Unveils Simplified Software for Small Businesses

Intuit Inc.announced last week a new software solution for small businesses looking for a simpler way to manage the most common business tasks, so they confidently know where their business stands.

Value of Information Technology Goes Beyond Regulatory Compliance

As businesses move beyond cost reduction and toward a growth agenda in 2004, Capgemini US LLC, a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing, found that prudent IT investments can drive balance sheet objectives, service level improvements, risk mitigation and management, performance management and cost leadership.

Consulting Groups Join Forces to Provide SOX Software and Solutions

Paisley Consulting, a leading provider of business accountability software, and Hudson Financial Solutions, a practice group of Hudson Global Resources and provider of end-to-end solutions for complex financial issues, will work in partnership to offer services and software to clients implementing mandated Sarbanes-Oxley compliance programs.

Consumer Loss from Phishing Fraud to Reach $500 Million

A recent national study conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by TRUSTe, an online privacy nonprofit organization and NACHA, an electronic payments association, revealed that 76 percent of consumers are experiencing an increase in spoofing and phishing incidents and that 35 percent receive fake e-mails at least once a week.
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Some Accounting Firms Offering Large Raises to Keep Talent

Accounting firms across the nation are coming up with big bucks to keep their staff accountants from jumping ship, with some offering raises of more than 10 percent to two- to seven-year employees.
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Financial Planner, CPA Join Forces to Assist Clients

Accountants are often allowed to sell financial products, but most hate it. Financial planners enjoy selling, but maybe too much.According to CPA Nick Hodges and financial planner Keith Offel, a different philosophy is required to help clients solve their problems.

Newly Release Study Says 82 Firms Paid No Income Taxes

According to a report issued this week by Citizens for Tax Justice (CJT) and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), many of the nations largest companies are paying little or no federal income taxes. The study examined federal income taxes paid by 275 of the country's largest, most profitable companies and found that the overall effective tax rate on these companies between 2001 and 2003 was 18.4 percent, nearly half the statutory 35 percent rate.Nearly a third of the companies paid zero taxes or received a rebate in at least one year between 2001 and 2003.
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Americans Want Higher Corporate Citizenship Responsibility

Americans have serious and growing concerns about the depth and direction of corporate citizenship by the business community, according to a national opinion survey by GolinHarris. The recently completed corporate citizenship survey of 2,770 Americans, "Doing Well by Doing Good: The Trajectory of Corporate Citizenship in American Business," asked consumers if they felt U.S.

Writing Skills Necessary for Employment, Says Big Business

Poorly written job applications are a figurative kiss of death, and corporations spend several billion dollars annually improving writing among employees, according to a business survey released here today by a blue-ribbon group worried about the quality of writing in the nation's schools and colleges.The report, Writing: A Ticket to Work...Or a Ticket Out, A Survey of Business Leaders, concludes that the ability to write opens doors to professional employment.
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Power Napping, the Latest Trend for Weary Workers

When you think of afternoon naps, you may conjure up memories of rest rugs on the kindergarten floor. But naps are not just for babies and toddlers anymore.Members of the accounting profession are joining adults from many professions in the latest energizing office trend – quick naps at the workplace. Indeed a National Sleep Foundation survey found that 33% of workers admitted they would take advantage of the opportunity to nap at work if their bosses allowed it.

House Votes to Bar IRS From Outsourcing Tax Collection

The House of Representatives took a strong step this week in support of America's taxpayers by voting to keep their private and sensitive tax information out of the hands of debt collectors.The action came in bipartisan approval of an amendment to the 2005 Transportation-Treasury spending bill that would prevent the Internal Revenue Service from using any funds to contract with private sector debt collectors to collect tax debts. The Senate is considering a separate version of the spending bill.The amendment's sponsor, Rep.

New Study Details Three-Year High in Tech Job Loss in U.S.

A new study detailing the magnitude of jobs losses in the U.S. high-tech sector since an economic recovery was declared three years ago was released this week. The report, entitled "America's High-Tech Bust" found that the U.S. high-tech economy continued to lose 200,000 jobs after the recession was declared over in November 2001 by the National Bureau of Economic Research. This is the first time a report has tackled the impact of the economic bust for high-tech workers at a national level.

CEOs Face Tough Options: When to Hire Independent Investigators

Chief executives are increasingly likely to consider conducting independent investigations to help resolve major legal and regulatory dilemmas and challenges to their companies' integrity, The Conference Board notes in a report released this week. Howard T. Anderson and Edwin Stier, authors of the report, are attorneys whose firm Stier Anderson, LLC, specializes in carrying out independent investigations.
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Survey Highlights Traits Employees Want Most in Managers

To be a good communicator, a manager's actions should speak louder than words, suggests a new survey. Twenty-eight percent of workers polled said their bosses could be more effective by standing up for their staff when needed. Putting a lid on office politics was cited by 24 percent of respondents as a way for employers to improve communication.The poll was developed by OfficeTeam, a leading staffing service specializing in highly skilled administrative professionals.

Employers Use Housing Perks to Recruit, Retain Workers

With housing costs exploding across the country, “affordable housing” has taken on a whole new meaning.The term used to be associated with low-income housing, but no more. The middle class - firefighters, teachers, police officers, nurses, sales clerks and more - are increasingly unable to afford homes in the communities where they work.Employers are turning to housing benefits in growing numbers to attract talent and keep the workers they have, USA Today reported.

Executives Name Greatest Innovations & Innovators of Past 75 Years

Indicating a strong affinity to innovators in technology and tech leaders, more than half of 500 senior-level business executives named the personal computer (56 percent) and the Internet (51 percent) as the greatest innovations of the past 75 years, according to a recent survey conducted by BusinessWeek Research Services.Bill Gates (50 percent) and Steve Jobs (47 percent) were viewed as the most innovative CEOs.


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