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Sarbanes Oxley Group Announces Professional SOX Certifications

In response to the industry's cry for certification standards for Sarbanes Oxley professionals and auditors, the Sarbanes Oxley Group recently announced the launch of its SOXBase- and SOXPro- level training and certification programs.

SEC Approves Use Of Data-Tagged Corporate Reports

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week issued a release adopting amendments to establish a voluntary program related to eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). Registrants may voluntarily furnish XBRL data in an exhibit to specified EDGAR filings under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Investment Company Act of 1940.
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404 Institute Webcast to Feature Moody's Perspective on Corporate Governance

The 404 Institute's February 2 Webcast -- "Analyzing Corporate Governance from a Creditor's Perspective" -- will focus on the rating agency's perspective on corporate governance.Featuring Kenneth Bertsch, senior vice president of corporate governance for Moody's Investors Service, the Webcast will address an array of key questions. They include: How do creditors view corporate governance? Are qualitative factors more or less important than quantitative factors? What issues are at the heart of corporate governance concerns?Mr.
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Employee Retention Programs Needed Now...for Defense

By The Herman Group - Employee retention programs are often seen as something companies employ when their good people are walking out the door. “Initiating employee retention strategies after employees have departed is like closing the barn door after your best horses have already galloped out,” says Joyce Gioia, President of The Herman Group, employee retention consultants.A much different approach is needed by employers today, in an employment marketplace that is undergoing significant change under the surface.
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Mid-Sized Firm Competes for Clients Through 'Staff Olympics'

A friendly competition at a mid-sized Philadelphia-area accounting firm may translate into new clients and positive exposure for the company.At least that's the hope of managing member Scott Isdaner and marketing manager Jill Lock, who created an “Olympic Games” competition among employees at Isdaner & Co. LLC, based in Bala Cynwyd, Penn., the Philadelphia Business Journal reported.They separated the employees into seven teams that piled up points for activities that involve nothing more athletic than cracking a book. In fact, employees are rewarded for sitting around reading.

Attract and Retain Quality People by Developing Talent Now

By: Eric Hunt - A major challenge in the accounting industry today is attracting and retaining quality talent. This issue seems to be discussed everywhere: industry conferences, partner meetings, media outlets, and college campuses. Rarely a day goes by that I do not talk to a firm that is worried about finding and keeping great team members. In the October issue of Inside Public Accounting, their Annual Analysis of Firms revealed how this is the #1 challenge faced by firms today.
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Success Linked to Risk Taking

What’s the difference between successful athletes, public figures, business leaders and regular folk like you and me? According to one man whose passion is learning the secrets of success, it’s the ability to “go out on the skinny branches” and take risks. In a newly released book, Masters of Success, Ivan Misner, PH.D. identifies seven traits and trends common to some of the most successful people in the fields of sports, business and entertainment.
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CEOs Say Flexibility, Adapting to Change Vital to Competing Worldwide

Most CEOs say flexibility and adaptability to change are the major keys to staying competitive, according to a study released today by The Conference Board and sponsored by Heidrick and Struggles and PeopleSoft. The Conference Board's CEO Challenge 2004 report reveals that 88 percent of the 540 global business leaders interviewed designate speed, flexibility, and adaptability as a top priority for their companies.
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The Power of Clarity on Expectations

By, Phyllis Weiss Haserot - When I talk with young partners, managers, counsel and associates at many professional firms, I hear a lot of similar concerns, uncertainties and insecurities relating to their status and their future.
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Employees Say They Need Their Bosses to be Coaches Not Referees

More than half of US employees said their boss is a referee instead of a coach, according to a recent survey by Development Dimensions International (DDI), a global human resource consulting firm. While a coach proactively helps employees before they are in a position to make a mistake, a referee boss waits for the mistake to call a penalty and tell the employee what they should have done instead.
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‘Wanted: A Managing Partner That Meets ALL of our Expectations!’

By: Sandra L. Wiley, Consultant - Visualize this scene in your conference room. You are at your annual planning summit. The agenda item that is before the partner group is, “Who will be our next Managing Partner?” Some are shifting uncomfortably in their seats and looking at the floor? Others are staring at their peers in the room, waiting for someone else to say something… anything! One thing you probably won’t see is a plethora of partners in your firm raising their hand, jumping out of their chair and resoundingly yelling “pick me”!

ImageOne Expands CPE Library to Include the Latest Tax Law Changes

Last week, ImageOne announced that it had updated its continuing professional education library to include the latest tax law changes from the Working Families Act. The update includes over 80 individual taxation courses in interactive and pdf downloadable versions. The SharpenUp CPE technology allows subscribers to easily navigate course lessons, provides online test taking with automatic responses to right and wring answers and instantaneous pdf certificates for immediate compliance.
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Growth Partnership Teams with FranklinCovey to Address Succession Planning Crisis

For many CPA firms, facing the “zero hour” – the retirement or loss of a strong founding leader without a clear, strategic plan for succession is a frightening, daunting reality. Devoting time and resources to developing strong partners is not often a priority, leaving firms dealing with consequences as serious as a generation unprepared to take the reigns from the current leadership, leading to mergers and acquisitions, and sometimes the end of an era. “The hour is upon us,” says Jeffrey S.
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Alliance for SOX 404 Compliance enables firms to secure second wave of SOX 404 work

While the deadline for SOX 404 compliance for most large-cap filers ends Dec. 31, 2004, there is still abundant consulting opportunities for small- and mid-sized CPA firms, and ample opportunity to make the most of the continuing demand for SOX 404 services.
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How to Get Employees To Walk the Talk

By Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D. President, Discovery Surveys, Inc.It has become a cliché that "management must walk the talk" but so should employees.Our research shows that many employees don't understand how their work contributes to the organization's objectives. In short, they don't see the big picture. They don't recognize that no matter what their role in the organization, they can be contributing to its goals, vision, and brand.Is it no surprise that their behavior is, therefore, often inconsistent with the organization's vision?
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Certification Puts Bookkeepers in Key Financial Role

The bookkeeper, once viewed as a crotchety toiler in a green eyeshade who kept the books for a small business, today has emerged as an essential professional relied upon as a key source of advice for best accounting practices and protection against embezzlement and fraud.Small businesses often have only a bookkeeper as their sole financial officer.

CCH Offers Audio Conference to Bring Tax Practitioners Up-to-Date

CCH Tax and Accounting (CCH), is sponsoring an audio conference devoted to the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 and the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004 on Friday, November 5, at 1:00 p.m. Central time. Understanding the New Tax Changes: Expert Guidance from CCH Tax and Accounting on the New 2004 American Jobs and Working Families Tax Acts is a 100-minute audio conference that offers tax professionals a quick and cost-effective way to get up to speed on two major pieces of tax legislation, ask questions of an expert analyst and earn two hours of CPE credit.

KPMG Webcast: Countdown to Compliance: IT Considerations for Section 404

As part of its "Countdown to Compliance" series of informational webcasts, the 404 Institute will present Bruce Ulmer, vice president and general auditor for the Lincoln Financial Group, to speak October 26, 2004, at 2 p.m. EDT, on IT considerations for Section 404 compliance. The webcast is designed to help companies better understand the impact of Section 404 on information technology.

PayCycle Launches Wholesale Payroll Program for Accounting Professionals

PayCycle, the first company to offer online self-service payroll for accountants, today announced the launch of the new PayCycle Wholesale Program for Accounting Professionals – a comprehensive, online client payroll solution available at deeply discounted wholesale pricing. Unmatched Value for Accounting Professionals This new offering is designed to make client payroll profitable for accounting professionals. The wholesale program costs $14.99 per client per month for the first five clients and $9.99 per month for subsequent clients. The monthly fee is all-inclusive.
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Organizational Effectiveness: What Can You Influence?

By, Phyllis Weiss Haserot - People at all levels have some power to influence factors in their work lives based on their personal strengths, their ability to interact with others, and the knowledge that they hold or share. Those in leadership positions are poised to exert more influence than followers, but they have to be willing to take a stand, give consistent support, and be ever vigilant to maintain trust among their colleagues and "followers." Unless the leader is truly a dictator, direct influence is limited.


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