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AICPA to offer IFRS training

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has teamed up with IASeminars, a leading global provider of training courses on International Financial Reporting Standards, to offer CPAs and other financial professionals a comprehensive range of IFRS training solutions."It is becoming increasingly clear that CPAs in the U.S. will need to understand and learn how to apply international accounting standards over the next few years," said Arleen Thomas, AICPA senior vice president for member competency and development.

Recharge your batteries at a summer conference

Plenty of accounting professionals will hit the road this summer and attend a conference. Most associations and organizations schedule their meeting times for summer, after the chaos of busy season and before we all settle back into a routine in the autumn. Summer is also the time when we unwind and think about family vacations.

Daily habits for developing the art of leadership

Many people are born leaders, yet the ability to lead is actually an art and an amazing collection of skills which can be learned and sharpened. The following top ten daily habits will help you and/or your clients grow as a leader personally, professionally, and spiritually.
Education & Careers

Ernst & Young Academic Resource Center to develop IFRS faculty curriculum

Ernst & Young LLP has announced the formation of the Ernst & Young Academic Resource Center, a new collaboration between the firm's professionals and university faculty.

Tips on how to conduct an effective meeting

When members of a company gather at a meeting, their purpose is to conduct business - to collect information and discuss issues and to make decisions on how these issues will be resolved or addressed.The methods businesses choose to carry out these functions will frequently depend on the type and size of the meeting. Careful planning and preparation are essential to conducting effective meetings, regardless of type or size.Below are a few ideas and tips to help you prepare for a successful meeting.First, determine if the meeting is truly necessary.

Is your language blocking your success?

By Dr. Pam Brill - "I'm burned out," "I've lost my drive," "I'm not interested," - these are words and images that sales pros have used to describe their falling motivation that accompanied their failing numbers. A sales pro in financial services, Chris had lost the passion and the spark that fueled him for making chilly cold calls and energy for the heated sprint to close the deal. With numbers down and still falling, Chris blamed the competition, the internal competitors, including the other sales pros in his division and the new kids on the block.

Last minute CPE credits: Where to find them

For those certified public accountants and others who are nearing the end of their reporting period and need to accumulate a few CPE credits, or professionals who have been preoccupied with other matters and are looking for tax or audit updates, state society web sites offer the best sources of information about continuing education available over the next two weeks. Some of the same online course providers that partner with the CPA societies also offer courses for enrolled agents. Webcasts are convenient and easy to access at this time of year.

The evolution of firm-wide learning

By Kenneth McCallEducation and training have always been an important part of the accounting profession. Beginning with the formal university curriculum required for a degree in accounting and followed by specialized study in preparation for taking the CPA exam, accountants are conditioned to view learning as a key to getting started in their chosen profession. After they've begun to work, they grow accustomed to the annual requirements for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and annual tax, audit, and accounting updates.
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Quick route to CPE credit

Accounting professionals never procrastinate. But in case you've been so busy that you've lost track of time and find yourself trying to "beat the clock" to meet your CPE requirements, CCH Tax and Accounting offers the CCH Testing Center. The Testing Center can be used to review print self-study course materials, which are available as PDF files, and complete the final exams online. You can complete the test any time, any day, receiving your results and CPE credits instantly.

ExcelZone spreadsheet seminar tips: Think first, Excel second

An experienced group of management accountants gathered earlier this year at the Law Society in London for AccountingWEB UK ExcelZone's inaugural seminar on "smarter management reporting with Excel." The event, the first in a series, was sponsored by ExcelZone partner Rugged Logic. ExcelZone contributor Simon Hurst was on hand to pass on tips for smoother working with accounting data and spreadsheets. "Before we get on to the practical stuff, the first thing you need to do when reporting with Excel is to design a good spreadsheet," says Simon Hurst, AccountingWEB contributor.
Community News

Reznick Group to host free national webcast on new audit and accounting standards

Subject matter experts from the national CPA firm, Reznick Group, will host a national webcast on Wed., Oct. 3, 2007, from 2-4:30 pm ET to present a detailed outline of new audit standards and explain new accounting requirements for implementing and maintaining internal controls within an organization.
Practice Management

Why you should hire a training professional

Boomer Consulting is dedicated to providing visionary leadership and consulting services to accounting firms that are seeking to make more money, grow their business, and attract quality people. This article, written by Scott Morrill of Boomer Consulting, describes the author's position on how accounting firms can benefit from having a full-time training professional on staff.I recently had to ask my 8-year-old son for the correct answer to a question about dinosaurs.

State of the accounting profession discussed at Illinois trade show

"This is a very, very good time for the accounting profession," said Elaine Weiss, president and CEO of the Illinois CPA Society, kicking off the Society's 27th annual Business & Technology Solutions Show in the opening keynote address.Weiss's commentary on the state of the profession included descriptions of bulging accounting classrooms, professor shortages, professional challenges being addressed and met, and concerns about succession planning as the aging Baby Boom generation accountants approach retirement.After reminding her audience that they might be competing for business with a

Webinar: Establishing personal versus professional goodwill in divorce

The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA) in conjunction with Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI) Online Learning Lecture Series is pleased to announce that Frank A. Wisehart, CPA, CFE, CVA will present a webinar on Establishing Personal versus Professional Goodwill in Divorce, July 12, 2007; 2:00–4:00pm (EST).The webinar program will allow attendees will learn the fundamentals of goodwill and the practicing standards of value used in divorce settlements.
Practice Management

Free podcasts: 7 ways to improve your practice

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business and a leading tax and accounting information group, has launched a series of free podcasts for accounting practices. The series, entitled "7 Ways to Improve Your Practice," is aimed at accountants and will help them to improve business productivity and efficiency.

The American College lures FPA members to retirement coaching program

The American College has entered into an agreement with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) to provide FPA members with money saving discounts if they enroll in The College's CASL Retirement Coaching Program. FPA members who have earned their CFP certification will be eligible to receive up to $210 in savings toward a CASL designation from The American College. Other FPA members interested in enrolling in the CASL program can save up to $90.

Motivating adults to learn

Adults can be ordered into a classroom and prodded into seats, but they can't be forced to learn. On the other hand, adults who see a need or have a desire to know something new are quite resourceful.
Practice Management

Running a motivational session: 10 steps to success

At some stage most managers need to conduct a motivational training session with their team members. Bob Selden, who has been a manager and trainer for many years, sets out 10 helpful points to help them reach that goal. So, you're a manager. So, you know you have to run a training session or a team meeting for your team (for the first time) that needs to be motivational, and you're not a professional trainer. So what! With a good plan and a well structured session, training can be enjoyable and most of all rewarding for both you and your team. Here's how....1.

Firms skimp on new employee orientation

Businesses may claim they want new employees to hit the ground running, but many firms are not providing sufficient orientation, according to a Robert Half International survey.One-third of workers said their employers offered no formal orientation program when they joined the company, according to the suvey, which included responses from 492 full- or part-time workers 18 years of age or older and employed in office environments.Workers were asked, "Did your current employer provide a formal orientation program when you joined the organization?" Sixty-three percent responded "yes," 33 pe

Top 5 business internship myths

Most managers carry general misconceptions about internship programs, but, by applying thoughtful planning and the right tools, they can realize their full potential. Z (ZU), a leading advocate of workforce readiness and innovator of internship management solutions, has identified a "top five" list of myths that organizations need to eliminate to get the greatest returns from an internship program. Matthew Zinman, president of Z, says that the "Top Five Myths About Internships" are fueled by managers who believe that:1.


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