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When Economy Slows, IT Training Increases

The economy may be slowing down, but technology training is picking up, and there may be a direct correlation between the two.
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Prepare Your Staff to Train Remotely

The Web-based system, developed and hosted by GeoLearning, makes it possible for companies to manage the training of employees in computer skills and professional development topics, as well as meet regulatory compliance and certification requirements. GeoLearning helps organizations compete and succeed at Internet speed by delivering training and educational content via the latest technologies.
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Top Ten Beliefs for Leaders to Live By

It may seem that today's managers and leaders need a top-10 list that clearly lays out the priorities for success. Whether you are running a small department or a large firm, the leadership principles that guide your decisions are much the same. Below are ten principles to help guide you and your firm to success. Give Direction. Look into the future. Believe in the future of the firm. A leader's most important job is to lay out a road map to the future. If you can't provide that direction, you're a manager -- not a leader.
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Training - Start With a Curriculum

Training is becoming a high priority in firms of all sizes and technology is no longer an option for accounting professionals. Therefore, leadership in all firms should assess their current situation and develop a training strategy for the future. In a previous article, I outlined the cost justification for a training program. In this article, I intend to demonstrate the significance of training requirements in a firm and how to get started with a basic curriculum.
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Andersen's Training Program Gets High Marks

Reprinted with permission from Training Magazine's 2001 Top 50 Report. For the complete report, see the March 2001 issue or visit www.trainingmag.comOn the surface, Arthur Andersen certainly boasts the numbers to qualify for the No. 3 spot on the Training Magazine Top 50. After all, an annual training budget of $504 million (second only to IBM's $1 billion) for its 77,000 global employees is a concrete valuation of the company’s commitment to training.
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First Annual HeadWaters Leadership Conference

Upstream Academy, founded by Sam M. Allred, CPA, announces the first "HeadWaters" Leadership Conference, scheduled for July 9 & 10. "This caliber and variety of management training has been unavailable anywhere in the profession prior to now," Allred says. The fundamental purpose of HeadWaters is to enhance the ability to lead others during times of change to accomplish extraordinary things within your firm.

Maximize Performance of Temporary Help

Many firms hire temporary employees in the summer, or at other times of the year when the workload is heavier than usual. Time and resources for training temporary help are at a premium. Employers want to see productivity from temporary workers and temporary workers want to learn as much as possible - all in a relatively short amount of time. So how can you best take advantage of the time available?

Upstream Academy Launches Training For Firm Owners

Upstream Academy, founded by Sam M. Allred, CPA, announces a series of management and leadership training workshops for CPA firm owners that Allred says is unprecedented in public accounting. "This caliber and variety of management training has been unavailable anywhere in the profession prior to now," Allred says. "We begin with five two-day workshops in June, with another eight during the rest of 2001.

Leading Organizational Change

Today's economy is typified by change, but is this anything new? An ancient Greek philosopher is quoted as having said, "There is nothing permanent except change." And that was thousands of years ago.Change is here to stay, and to survive we must all understand it, embrace it, and learn to use it to our advantage. Your human resources and change management strategies can have a significant impact on the organization's bottom line and you must ensure that your workforce is flexible and responsive in order to meet changes in market and business demands.

Senate Bill Provides Tax Credit to Businesses for IT Training

A bipartisan group of senators has introduced a bill that will provide business owners with tax credits to offset the cost of information technology training costs for employees.The bill would provide a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for the first $1,500 spent, per employee, on IT training.

AICPA Soliciting Your Response on Revised CPE Standards

The AICPA has published a revised exposure draft setting out standards for continuing professional education.
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CPE Update - Changing With the Profession

The accounting profession has had a long-standing dedication to lifelong learning. The form and substance of CPE have changed considerably over the past 30 years. To keep standards current, the AICPA and NASBA released a joint exposure draft, Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education, last year. Its proposed standards emphasize learning plans that assess a CPA's progress toward individual competency goals.
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Top Training Companies List Includes CPA Firms

In its March 2001 issue, Training Magazine, one of the top training magazines in the USA, has unveiled its list of the Top 50 Training Organizations in the United States. Among the winners are Andersen (ranked #3) and Michigan-based Plante & Moran, (ranked #28).How do they do it?For Andersen, a couple of notable programs include the firm's coaching and mentoring program, its Global Management Part

Low Cost Ways of Enriching Employee Experiences

Every employee wants to feel that he or she is a part of the bottom line in an organization. Below are just a few ideas to help you incorporate this attitude into your firm's culture.Interesting work. No one wants to do the same boring job over and over, day after day. And while any job will always require some repetitive tasks, everyone should have a high level of interest in at least part of the job. Information. Information is power, and employees want to be empowered with the information they need to know to do their jobs better and more effectively.

Job Search Web Site Focuses on Big Five Alumni

Columbus, OH, –, an internet-based community for staffing professionals announces the launch of, a web-based staffing organization focused solely on Big 5 experienced professionals."Using, employers can quickly identify the most highly skilled professionals in Tax, Audit, Finance, Consulting, and Technology," according to Bikram Roy, co-founder and Partner of

The Significance of New Employee Orientation Programs

We are all aware of the implications of poor hiring decisions. They can cost the company time and money, and they can result in low employee morale. One basic step to ensuring that new hires get off to a positive start is to conduct an effective employee orientation program. Employees who are properly trained and introduced to the company early feel better about their choice of employer and usually fit in more quickly.

On-Line Surveys Provide Important Client & Employee Info

AccountingWEB has located a Web site where firms can obtain on-line surveys to help gather information about the characteristics, behaviors, opinions, and knowledge of your client base or employees. Survey results can produce pertinent information regarding a specific problem, new products or new ideas.A web site called Web Surveyor can assist your technical team in creating an on-line survey to give to your clients, or an employee survey for internal use on your Intranet.
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Personal Planning and Coaching for Your Firm, with Terri Sommella

Personal Planning and CoachingPresented by Terri SommellaPresident, Sommella Market StrategiesContact terri@sommellamarketing.comThursday, February 15, 2001Visit the AccountingWEB Workshop Calendar for upcoming sessions.SummaryLearn how personal planning can provide immediate return to your firm's marketing investment. Ms.

SBA & Great Plains Software Offer Free Online Conference

The Small Business Administration will sponsor its first-ever Internet conferences for small businesses on February 20 and 22 hosted by Great Plains Software, Inc. The one-hour online conference, titled "Jump Start Your Business Success," is designed to teach techniques on how to grow successfully and to serve as a question-and-answer forum.
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Managing Generation Gaps: Tips for Generation-Xers

As more and more Generation-Xers enter into management positions, companies need to prepare for the inevitable changes, from dress code to working hours.More and more often, these young managers are taking charge of those multi-million dollar projects and even companies, which may rock the boat, so to speak. Below are just a few issues of this trend:Work to live, not live to work - Gen-Xers are very much into measuring performance by output.Pay your dues - Gen-X managers are focused on performance rather than hours worked or tenure.


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