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How do I waste time at the office? Let me count the ways....

With the line between work and the rest of your life becoming blurrier every day, technology seems to make workers both more and less productive at the same time.Computer tools can make quick work of once-tedious accounting tasks, for example, but they also make it easier to buy a paperback, chat with friends by instant message or balance your personal checkbook while at the office.

Tech Treat: 101 Fantastic Internet Freebies

While arguments have surfaced on AccountingWEB in recent weeks about the value or otherwise of computer magazines, the industry bible PC World has proved its worth by compiling a list of 101 fantastic internet freebies for its May edition.
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The Key to Higher Personal Income

January is National Financial Wellness Month and a recently released Day Timers 2006 New Year's Resolution Survey listed financial changes in the top three respondent promises made for the new year. Success at paying off debts in the past five years was reported by 45 percent; 43 percent had success in saving more money during this period and 20 percent had moved on to a better job.
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Stress at work: What keeps employees up at night

A recent survey reveals disturbing results showing 95 percent of managers feel life is stressful at the office. As a result, stress caused 28 percent to take time off from work. And stress at work is not restricted to managers."Stress in the workplace is a major issue for businesses,” Managing Director of SoftSkill EMEA, Kevin Young says of the study. “Helping people to manage stress can have a positive effect on their effectiveness at work and reduce the number of stress-related absences."
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Travel expense management systems can save time, money

Automated expense management offers real advantages to employees and management, ranging from significant cost savings to companies on travel expense processing to reducing the time it takes for an employee to fill out a spreadsheet expense report or a paper report. The technology is also designed to detect fraud and to document approval processes, which appeals to financial managers focused on Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.
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Outsourcing Tax Prep: A Time- and Money-Saver?

More accounting firms are looking abroad in hopes that outsourcing certain tasks can streamline their business and free up time to focus on more important work.One of the more popular tasks to outsource is tax return preparation, and larger CPA firms have been taking advantage of lower labor costs in India and quick turnaround times. Outsourcing part of a business, however, has many ramifications and firms have had varied success in making outsourcing work for them.
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How To Improve Your Self Management Skills

You are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Learn to accept total responsibility for yourself. If you do not manage yourself, then you are letting others have control of your life. These tips will help "you" manage "you." 
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Creating a 'Stress Free' Busy Season

You can thrive, not just survive, during this busy season. You just need to do five things: Keep your expectations rational.Take care of yourself.Take control of your time and limit your commitments.Create a positive work environment.Embrace your family and friends.These tips will help you reduce stress, relax, and breeze through the busy season feeling rested, grounded, and in control. 
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How to Stay Motivated Day in and Day Out

By Kerry L. Johnson, Ph.D. It's 8am on Monday morning. You had a great weekend and wish it didn't have to end. Last week was finished with a bang but today you just don't feel the same motivation to win. As a result you walk in the office and immediately read your mail. Then you talk to another salesperson for an hour while sipping coffee. It's almost time for lunch. You avoid propsecting for customers due to the lack of time available before you eat. You're back at 1:30pm and realize you have a couple of letters to write. It's time to go home. You just wasted a day.
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Delegation, Use of Technology Most Effective For Time Management

Many hands make light work for today's busy executives, a new survey shows. Thirty-eight percent of chief financial officers (CFOs) recently polled said that delegating projects is their best method for time management. Maximizing technology tools ranked a very close second, with 37 percent of the response.

Creating a Stress-Free Busy Season

by Sandra L. Wiley, COO, Boomer Consulting, Inc.You can thrive, not just survive, during this upcoming busy season. You just need to do five things:- Keep your expectations rational. - Take care of yourself. - Take control of your time and limit your commitments. - Create a positive work environment. - Embrace your family and friends.These tips will help you reduce stress, relax, and breeze through the busy season feeling rested, grounded, and in control.Keep Your Expectations Rational

Use Microsoft Outlook to Track Your Chargeable Hours!

If you use Microsoft Outlook as your contact management software, here is a great tip to help you with your bottom line and time management. (If you don't use Outlook, this is a good reason to start - you can add your clients to Outlook so you can track your billable time easily.)If you track your chargeable hours, as most of us do, here is an easy way to track your time spent on the phone with your clients. This is also helpful if you need to track your long distance calls.To track your calls in the in Microsoft Outlook try this tip: 

Developing Entrepreneurs: Emulating The Right Role Models

Excerpted from: Building Entrepreneurial People by Allan S. Boress, CPA, CFEIntroductionNew business is the lifeblood of every CPA firm. Some firms today are being forced to merge with other firms, are being bought out under less than desirable circumstances, or are slowly going out of business before the partners' eyes because not enough new clients and new work are coming in.
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How To Make The Most of Your Time

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Ten Steps To High Productivity and Maintaining A Great Life!

By, Keith Rosen, Profit BuildersBusy with tasks that consume you and your energy? Feel that you're fighting the clock and just can't seem to get it all done? Is your typical day fulfilling and enjoyable or putting you on the road towards burn out?If it's ever been a struggle to reach bigger goals or keep to your schedule, here's your opportunity to map out a weekly path that will serve you best and enable you to accelerate your productivity.
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CCH Prosystem FX Practice Gets Boost With Advantage Client Server Technology

 New Version Includes Powerful, Internet-Based Time Management Features
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Five Time Management Tips of the Commanders in Chief

Many American Presidents have been fast learners in the areas of time management and perfecting the art of the discipline.From noted historian, William Doyle, author of The Oxford History of the French Revolution, and Inside the Oval Office: The White House Tapes from FDR to Clinton, here are five tips practiced by U.S. Presidents of the 20th century who have mastered the skill of time management: 
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Save Time - Learn to Delegate Responsibilities

Delegating responsibilities is sometimes easier said than done. Consider this: Successful delegation will not only give you more time to work on your important opportunities, but you will also help others on your team learn new skills and become successful. Below are a few ideas to help you begin delegating and mentoring your staff more effectively. 
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Secrets to Successful Project Management

Secrets to Successful Project ManagementPresented by Renee Jenkins, CPAIndependent Consultant, BizDawgsContact Renee at rmunoz@doitnow.comJune 7, 2001Visit the AccountingWEB Workshop Calendar for upcoming sessions.Summary
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Clean Up Your Workspace After Busy Season

Now that the busy season for accountants can be spoken of the past tense, many offices and desks look like they just barely survived a tornado. If your workspace could use a dose of spring cleaning, here are some quick tips for getting cleaned up and organized. 


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