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CPA2Biz, XCM Solutions form partnership

CPA2Biz, a national provider of Web-based solutions for CPAs, and XCM Solutions, LLC, a provider of work-management technology for the accounting profession, announced they have formed a strategic alliance.

Should I buy a Mac or a PC for my accounting firm?

As you read this article, odds are you are looking at it on a PC. That is because traditionally most accounting and tax software has been built specifically for PCs.
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KPMG LLP joins the HP Agility Alliance

KPMG LLP, an audit, tax, and advisory firm, and HP Enterprise Services recently announced that KPMG has joined the HP Agility Alliance.

Survey: Majority of workers search online for information about themselves

Although some might dub it "egosurfing," others might call it a wise career move to conduct a Web search to see what information is available online about you.

How to sell technology to a CPA

When I think back on some of my most difficult sales, many of them, interestingly enough, have been involved with CPAs. This is a bit ironic because I, myself, am a CPA.

Sales/Tax by shipping state in Excel – The power of pivot tables, Part 1

This is the first of two articles wherein Chuck Vigeant demonstrates several ways of approaching Sales and Tax by Shipping State within Excel – one without a pivot table, and one with a pivot table.

Sales/Tax by shipping state in Excel – The power of pivot tables, Part 2

This is the second of two articles wherein Chuck Vigeant explores the ability to generate a Sales by Shipping State report in Excel.

Lesser known QuickBooks shortcuts, Part II

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Esther Friedberg Karp shares some of her favorite tips for getting the most out of QuickBooks.

Five blunders accountants make on their Web sites

Spring cleaning often includes sweeping the entryway and giving a fresh coat of paint. This year it's time to apply spring cleaning techniques to your virtual front door - the company Web site.

Can you social network your way to business success?

Business used to be done with a handshake. Sometimes, it still is. But for a growing number of potential customers, the majority of research, referrals, and recommendations are being done by virtual rather than physical word, via social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace.

Mythbuster: Is Flash bad for your Web site ranking in the search engines?

The search engines read the Flash Web site content much as they would an image or video. Consequently, Web sites written in HTML will be ranked higher than those created with Flash.

Tools for virtual accountants: portals, applications, and file space

Business professionals realize that the issues of time and distance no longer impact their ability to get work done. In order to make the most of your virtualized working model, consider the value of the following three elements you should have in your online toolkit.

ERP systems for life

Not long ago, selecting a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) every 5 to 10 years was the norm. But now, the more successful products have matured and much of them offer the same basic functionality. Today, organizations typically don’t select and implement a new system unless they have no choice.

How to select and implement an ERP system

If you or your clients are new to the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning systems, but think this tool might be useful, you need someplace to start.

Survey results show ERP systems not keeping up with change

Underperforming software is leading to millions of dollars in lost opportunities, according to the results of a recent IDC Group survey.

Cutting costs with the Cloud

At a time when the global economy is full of uncertainty and no one knows how long U.S. recession conditions will persist, businesses are watching the bottom line closely.

Financial statements in QuickBooks: Done right and in less time

Learn how to use the Intuit Statement Writer and the new and improved features in QuickBooks 2010 that allow you to present financial statements in compliance with GAAP.

Sleeter Group publishes new Consultant's Reference Guide for 2010

For years, The Sleeter Group’s extensive QuickBooks Consultant's Reference Guide has been the industry standard for consultant-level reference material. The 2010 edition has just been released.

Microsoft releases pricing for retail versions of Office 2010

Microsoft is departing from its standard pricing model for its Office 2010 software product by eliminating upgrade pricing. Instead, packaged versions will be licensed for two or three computers, while discounts will be available if a user unlocks a preinstalled version of Office 2010.

iDonatedIt: CPA firm produces donation-tracking iPhone App

The Lincoln, NE-based firm BMG Certified Public Accountants, LLP has released a $2.99 donation-tracking application for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users.


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