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Tax planning


Survey: Tax Planning Is a Key Cog in Corporate Growth Strategies

Tax credits and property tax abatements play a big part in decisions to enter new US markets, BDO USA report found.

The Tax Picture of Downton Abbey If It Were in the US

Think you’ve got tax problems? Compared to the residents of Downton Abbey, you ain’t seen nuthin'. Just in time for this year’s US tax season, we’re treated to a fictional tax problem in the United Kingdom that may make yours pale in comparison.

Thomson Reuters Issues Report on Year-End Tax Planning

A free special report highlighting valuable information that individuals and businesses can use for their 2013 year-end tax planning has been released by Thomson Reuters Checkpoint.

Midyear Tax Planning: Drum Up More Business

The summer doldrums have set in. Aside from the occasional "emergency," your office is quiet, as most clients pursue outdoor activities and tend to personal business. Tax planning is probably the last thing on their minds.
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