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Tax Penalty


The 5 Things You Need to Know about Taxes and Domestic Employees

Whether your clients have a nanny or a 'Downton Abbey' staff, here are the rules to know to avoid serious penalties.

3 Ways Taxpayers Can Sidestep Possible Estimated Tax Penalties

Now is the time for accountants to set up nonwithholding clients so they pay the right taxes throughout the year.

New IRS Program to Give Penalty Relief to Small Business Retirement Plans

The one-year pilot program that will start in June is intended to help small businesses with retirement plans that owe penalties for unknowingly failing to file reporting documents.

TIGTA: IRS Improperly Enforced Law Penalizing Erroneous Claims

A November 12 report released from TIGTA found the IRS significantly limited the number of erroneous tax refund and improper tax credit claims on which it could assess penalties.

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