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Using accounting-related key words to find answers

During busy season, accountants have questions and Intuit, the maker of ProLine Tax Research, among other software, has answers.

It's the preparer, not the software

Every year, nuances of the tax returns seem to get a little more intertwined. Lawmakers' tax simplification acts never simplify much and paperwork reduction legislation seem to add more pages to the return. And that's just at the federal level.

What key words are tax accountants searching for?

Intuit, the makers of, among other software, ProLine Tax Research, has agreed to share with our readers the most-sought-after tax research terms that accountants are searching for this busy season.

Five enhancements of Windows 7

Beyond the world of Windows XP, there lies a new age in computers. When the time comes for you to switch to Microsoft’s newest operating system, 7 will be waiting for you with enhancements that will make your transition extremely pleasing.

Intuit innovation shines in gallery tour

Last week, Intuit hosted a unique event: a tour of several of the products it has in the development pipeline. Clearly, Intuit is by no means resting on the laurels of its flagship products, but is continuously working to move ahead and stay on top of innovation and new products for our changing society.

Start-up Company Aims to Simplify Small Business Cash Flow Management

Two graduates from University of California-Berkley have launched what they hope will become for small businesses.

Office 2010 Has Arrived! Customize Your Ribbon!

Office 2010 is now in stores and at, so anyone can upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft's flagship productivity suite. Office 2010 provides numerous refinements to the new user interface introduced with Office 2007.

Thomson Reuters launches Accounting CS platform

The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters this week announced the launch of its Accounting CS platform, which is designed to take a new approach to professional accounting software.

CPAs rethink traditional business model as demand for non-attest service offerings grow

Much has been written about the downside of outsourcing Finance & Accounting (F&A). However, there is upside that is profitable and rapidly growing.

How to sell technology to a CPA

When I think back on some of my most difficult sales, many of them, interestingly enough, have been involved with CPAs. This is a bit ironic because I, myself, am a CPA.

Converting to QuickBooks: The How-To Guide

Here is a guide for converting a client's accounting system to QuickBooks. The guide is designed to help you help your clients, by removing much of the uncertainty of conversion and shortening the process.

What's new in QuickBooks 2010, from Intuit Academy

Intuit Academy has provided AccountingWEB readers with their new 2010 guide to new features in QuickBooks.

Public beta available for Office 2010 Professional

The test edition of Microsoft's next version of its Office suite is now available for anyone to access for free. If you're hesitant to install the beta version Office 2010 on any of your computers, consider trying the Office Web Apps technical preview instead.

The end of Microsoft Office Accounting

Microsoft is formally backing away from the small business accounting market after announcing that the Office Accounting program will no longer be distributed after November 16, 2009.

English? Spanish? TaxWise allows you to choose

Even if your Spanish vocabulary is limited to the words taco and burrito, you can help Spanish-speaking tax clients.

Survey: Highest performing CPA firms know how to leverage technology

Creating a long-term sustainable business advantage is the key to success for accounting firms, in both good and challenging times, yet some firms do it better than others.

New CCH product suite demonstrated to accounting professionals

CCH introduced and demonstrated its new ProSystem fx Suite to 1,000 tax and accounting professionals at the company’s annual CCH User Conference in National Harbor, MD this week.

QuickBooks 2010 for Mac offers the simplicity of a Mac with powerful new tools

QuickBooks 2010 for Mac gives small business owners powerful new tools that help them be more productive and profitable with the simplicity they expect from a Mac product. Available in late October, QuickBooks 2010 for Mac, from Intuit Inc., helps business owners:

Going green with QuickBooks

AccountingWEB QuickBooks columnist Joe Woodard shares some of his favorite tips for taking QuickBooks to the next level - and staying green in the process!

Intuit announces release of QuickBooks 2010

Intuit has announced the release of QuickBooks 2010 financial software with new online capabilities designed to help small businesses save and make money.


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