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Is your language blocking your success?

By Dr. Pam Brill - "I'm burned out," "I've lost my drive," "I'm not interested," - these are words and images that sales pros have used to describe their falling motivation that accompanied their failing numbers. A sales pro in financial services, Chris had lost the passion and the spark that fueled him for making chilly cold calls and energy for the heated sprint to close the deal. With numbers down and still falling, Chris blamed the competition, the internal competitors, including the other sales pros in his division and the new kids on the block.

Seven ways to avoid becoming a bad boss

By Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D. President, Discovery Surveys, Inc.Most employees experience a bad boss at least once in their career. Many feel they have never really had a good boss. Insensitivity, failure to communicate, and a lack of fairness are the hallmarks of poor supervision.Why is it that good supervisors are hard to find?Supervising is Not Easy Handling the complex issues of motivating employees and solving job and people-related problems is very difficult. Few are capable of handling these responsibilities well.

Telecommuters count their blessings, one pair of sweats at a time

As employers are lowering their defenses and expanding the opportunities to work at home, more cubicle-bound employees are clamoring for these alternative work arrangements.The benefits to the employer are pretty obvious: With fewer employees in the home office, real estate and utility costs drop and recruitment of skilled workers is easier.Wall Street Journal columnist Sue Shellenbarger wrote late last year that her telecommuting file has grown steadily over to years, and now it's a "3½-inch stack of missives from readers, all asking the same question: How can I get a good job w

Demystifying social networking

Social networking sites are here to stay in some form or other. They are ubiquitous, but will they continue to grow at a rapid pace trumpeting some other new widget? Yes, for the next 4-5 years at least. The style, format, widgets and user base may morph into the next generation of social networking sites, but the ability for Internet users to communicate amongst themselves or to the net universe will continue to grow. This white paper discusses how to use them on corporate, association, and educational Web sites.
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Beware of the germs hiding on your desk!

Over the next few months most accountants will eat at their desks several times a week, or even as much as twice a day with little thought to the health hazards that may be hiding on the desk itself. Bacteria from earlier meals may have settled, and are just waiting to attack your hands or your lunch. If you left your briefcase on the floor during a train commute, or if another worker just left some papers on your desk, more germs could have been transferred to your desk.

What will it take to be a top CPA in 2010?

These days, a number of factors are combining to make Certified Public Accountants more valued in the current marketplace than ever before - with even brighter prospects for the most qualified and skilled professionals in the foreseeable future.
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Knowledge workers are volunteers, by Ronald J. Baker

Brains trump brawn. According to The New York Times, Merv Griffin has made "close to $70 million to $80 million" in royalties from the "Jeopardy!" theme song, which he wrote in less than a minute. One of Japan's largest export industries, reaching an astounding $80 billion in 2004, is animation. Not even two years old, with no profits, YouTube was purchased by Google for $1.65 billion. Disney's Snow White video release generated $800 million in revenue, $500 million to the bottom line, from a movie made in the 1930s.

Messy office contest offers big prizes

How messy is your office? Is it messy enough to be worth a $10,000 prize?That's the question MyFax, an Internet fax service, is asking office workers across North America. Rather than chastising people with messy offices or trying to change their ways, MyFax is actually celebrating the clutter with its MyFax Messy Office Contest. To enter, contestants merely need to take a photo or video of their FEMA-level disaster area office and upload it to the MyFax contest site by February 25, 2008.

Mind Over Materialism, by Ronald J. Baker

There is no such thing as a natural resource, except for the mind of man. For centuries, economists have been exposing the "physical fallacy" - that is, the belief that wealth resides in tangible things, such as gold, land, raw materials, and so forth - and it seems as if we still do not understand this basic economic concept. We seem to think that matter is more important than minds, while in fact it is the exact opposite. Natural resource endowment cannot explain why Israel has a per capita Gross Domestic Product of $17,220 compared to Saudi Arabia’s $8,870.

Survey says people love their to-do lists

People in the United States report being in love with to-do lists and that they reduce stress, according to a new survey. In honor of National Get Organized Month and New Year's resolutions, a survey by Kelton Research explores people's habits of keeping to-do lists to stay organized, their standards for productivity, and their approach to managing and prioritizing tasks. The results show that people around the world are dependent on their to-do lists.U.S.

New Year's resolutions for a happier work experience

It's resolutions time. Instead of the usual self-improvement lists – and who can stick to those anyway – how about taking a look at your career and figuring out how to make your job work for you?The down time over the holidays is a great time to assess whether your work is truly fulfilling, if you're in a temporary slump, or if you need a new job altogether.First, the hard part. Ask yourself the tough question: "Am I happy with my job and your career?" Career consultant Wendy Enelow said in Fortune magazine, "I'm not saying 'Are you making money?' But are you happy?
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Buying time: How to put more hours in every day

by Michelle LaBrosseHow often do we say to one another, "I just wish there were more hours in the day?" Well, there can be. When you use Project Management techniques to your advantage, you can be singing the Rolling Stones classic, Time Is on My Side.Here are some of my favorite time-saving tips that you can apply both to your business and home life.
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Change Management: Get it right

Strong skills for managing change are an important part of any organization's development program. David Kelly, head of development at UK-based Unicus Coaching and Development, gives his five steps for success. These steps can be used within your own organization that is experiencing change or can be communicated to a client who's company is facing a change.When it comes to leading change, many managers assume that because a change has been announced most of their people will react negatively or at least apprehensively.
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Killer cover letters - how to get noticed

As you sit down to write your cover letter, do you ever stop and think, “Who the heck is going to read this?” You may believe that just because employers get hundreds of resumes per job posting that they tend to skip the cover letter part. That is simply not true.One Size Doesn’t Fit AllYou’ve written this awesome cover letter and it’s taken you quite a long time to create your masterpiece. You’re tired and spent from all your hard work.

Does anybody like an angry woman?

The chairman of the Republican National Committee caused something of a furor last year when he asserted on national television that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was too angry to be elected president.Although the chairman's statement might have sounded like a personal attack, there are some who feel the assertion goes deeper.

Looking for a job? Say 'Thank you!'

Your mother told you to do it, and now a new survey shows she was right: Sending a thank-you note not only displays impeccable manners but also may give job hopefuls an edge over other applicants. While nearly nine out of 10 of executives polled (88 percent) said sending a thank-you note following an interview can boost a job seeker's chances, they also estimate that half of applicants (49 percent) fail to do so.
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Virginia CPAs blend fiscal fitness with physical fitness

Sound mind, sound body, sound savings account?The Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) last month joined Radio Disney's Move It! tour, which urges kids and families to "join in on activities to get you gamin', groovin' and movin'."Why would CPAs get involved? The national mall tour is all about healthy lifestyles. While Radio Disney celebrated music and movement, the Virginia Society of CPAs promoted healthy financial habits at mall stops in Chesapeake and Richmond over two weekends in July.

Instant messaging: Another distraction or a tool for collaboration?

Apparently, e-mail isn't fast enough.After years of reluctance to add another potential distraction to their employees' work days, companies are starting to embrace instant messaging.Instant messaging isn't new to the workplace, but it's mainly been used by employees who have installed IM programs on the sly. Now employers are getting into the act. IM programs allow users to start casual, real-time conversations with co-workers on their "buddy lists," which show who is online. With IMs, not only can you get instant answers, but you can talk with multiple people at once.

10 Signs that your job may be on the line

Everyone gets fired at least once in their career, it seems, but how do you know if you're next?Consider these 10 signs that the end may be near:You hear the phrase knowledge transfer. If you're asked to train a new employee with a job description that sounds familiar (like your own), consider it a red flag, said Robert Graber, founder of, a recruitment resource for financial professionals, in MarketWatch.You're a senior executive and your company hires a new CEO from outside the company.

The psychology of success

Successful people have the habit of doing things failures don't like to do. They don't like doing them either, but their disliking is put into second place to the strength of their purpose, argues Robert Craven.Successful people seem to do things in a different way from the unsuccessful. Success breeds success, and certainly attitude is a key part of the secret of success.All successful entrepreneurs have a number of attributes in common, none of which is at all magical. The Harvard Business Review published an excellent study of entrepreneurial qualities by Geoffrey A Timmons.


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