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Five Time Management Tips of the Commanders in Chief

Many American Presidents have been fast learners in the areas of time management and perfecting the art of the discipline.From noted historian, William Doyle, author of The Oxford History of the French Revolution, and Inside the Oval Office: The White House Tapes from FDR to Clinton, here are five tips practiced by U.S. Presidents of the 20th century who have mastered the skill of time management: 

Taming the E-Mail Tiger Before it Bites You

By Scott Cytron, ABC, Cytron and CompanyI have a friend who does marketing for a national accounting group. She confessed to me recently that if her e-mail system is down, she might as well not come to work. In fact, she blatantly admitted that she spends her entire day sending and receiving e-mails. You must keep in mind that my friend is very good at her job, and is incredibly successful in bringing together members of the group who are spread, literally, across the United States.

Tips on Writing Client E-mail Newsletters

Once you have begun to gather e-mail addresses (opt in) from your clients, prospects and other interested parties, you need to reach out to them on a regular basis. One of the best ways is to prepare a monthly newsletter that will make them pleased that they are part of your firm and client base. Here are some helpful tips on getting your e-mail newsletter opened, read and acted on: THE SUBJECT LINE Do you ever go through your email in-box and delete messages without even opening and reading them? Most of us do. There is just too much e-mail and too little time.

Ten Quick Internet Tips To Save You Time

AccountingWEB has compiled a few tips, courtesy of Microsoft, to help you save time when you're online. These tips are for users of the Microsoft Explorer browser. To search for a word or phrase on a Web page, press CTRL+f to open the Find dialog box.

Virtual Experience

by Jeffrey TaylorIn 1969, the US Senate enacted an Investment Tax Credit to stimulate the economy by encouraging businesses to make substantial investments in equipment. From 1969-1986 ITC was enhanced, reduced, and repealed many times as Congress used this tool to effectively modify business decisions. With our economy tied to the ‘gold’ standard, and foreign exchange/interest rates pegged to each other, business behavior could be fairly predicted.Now, let’s fast forward 32 years. What is going on?Since December 1, 2000 U.S.
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Save Time - Learn to Delegate Responsibilities

Delegating responsibilities is sometimes easier said than done. Consider this: Successful delegation will not only give you more time to work on your important opportunities, but you will also help others on your team learn new skills and become successful. Below are a few ideas to help you begin delegating and mentoring your staff more effectively. 

Tips For Delivering an Interesting Presentation

For many, making a presentation in public is a difficult and tense process. Advance preparation and a few tips from the pros can go a long way to ease the tension. These tips and ideas will help you prepare and present a smooth presentation.Use VisualsYour audience wants you to show them what you are talking about-literally. Use color graphics, slides, and handouts to get your message across. Use effective visuals to communicate your main points. Research shows that your audience will remember more when you use visual aids to reinforce your words.

Tips on Conducting Effective Meetings

When members of a company gather at a meeting, their purpose is to conduct business - to collect information and discuss issues and to make decisions on how these issues will be resolved or addressed. The methods businesses choose to carry out these functions will frequently depend on the type and size of the meeting. Careful planning and preparation are essential to conducting effective meetings, regardless of type or size. Below are a few ideas and tips to help you prepare for a successful meeting.Before the MeetingFirst, determine if the meeting is truly necessary.
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Prepare Your Staff to Train Remotely

The Web-based system, developed and hosted by GeoLearning, makes it possible for companies to manage the training of employees in computer skills and professional development topics, as well as meet regulatory compliance and certification requirements. GeoLearning helps organizations compete and succeed at Internet speed by delivering training and educational content via the latest technologies.
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Top Ten Beliefs for Leaders to Live By

It may seem that today's managers and leaders need a top-10 list that clearly lays out the priorities for success. Whether you are running a small department or a large firm, the leadership principles that guide your decisions are much the same. Below are ten principles to help guide you and your firm to success. Give Direction. Look into the future. Believe in the future of the firm. A leader's most important job is to lay out a road map to the future. If you can't provide that direction, you're a manager -- not a leader.

Accountants Get More Headaches Than Other Workers

In conjunction with National Headache Awareness Week, June 3-9, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, makers of Excedrin headache medicine, commissioned the Excedrin@Work Headache-by-Profession Index, a survey to determine which professionals are most likely to suffer from headaches in the workplace.Accountants won the survey, logging the highest percent (49 percent) of workers who reported suffering weekday headaches.

Negative Employees Affect the Bottom Line

Article by Jan Spak, Certified Human Resources Professional, President of Jan Spak HR Services"In the long run, the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time." (Anonymous)At one time or another, we’ve all had to work with people who make a difficult job even more frustrating. As much as we would like to avoid these “negative Nellies”, the reality is that working in a team environment makes that virtually impossible to do.So what can you do when you have to work with negative people who affect your job performance?
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Career Networking Tips and Ideas

Networking is a matter of maintaining relationships with people who can assist you in your future professional objectives. These people could be bosses, coworkers, subordinates, competitors or golfing buddies. The following is a short list of tips to assist you in maintaining a viable professional network. Make a conscious decision of with whom you want to keep in contact for your network. Choose quality over quantity. Don't feel the need to network with people who can't assist in furthering your career. Remember that every contact you make can be important.

Test Your Internet Connection With This Handy Tool

If you are looking for a new service provider, or just want to know what your options are in your area, check out this tool from The Test DoesYou will be asked to enter your area code and then your ISP.When you click "Go" during the test, a 100k file is downloaded from the CNET servers, which will calculate your bandwidth from the CNET Web Services site.

Tips for Saving Time & Taking Control of Your Inbox

Accordingly to a recent study, workers spend approximately 50 minutes a day sorting through, responding to and creating e-mail messages. If you are buried in e-mail messages and are overwhelmed by the amount of information you manage daily, check out these helpful time saving tips.Note: Most of the tips below work on Microsoft Outlook 2000!Let Rules Control Your Inbox Use your Rules Wizard to establish rules that automatically file, delete, highlight, forward, or prioritize incoming and outgoing messages.
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Clean Up Your Workspace After Busy Season

Now that the busy season for accountants can be spoken of the past tense, many offices and desks look like they just barely survived a tornado. If your workspace could use a dose of spring cleaning, here are some quick tips for getting cleaned up and organized. 

View Outlook Inbox and Calendar at the Same Time

Would it be useful for you to be able to view both your Outlook calendar and inbox at the same time? Instead of clicking back and forth between the two, you can open them side-by-side for easier access and viewing. To enable this tip follow the four steps below:Close all other programs. Click Inbox on the Outlook Folder List to display the Inbox. (If the Folder List is not displayed, choose Folder List from the View menu.) Right-click Calendar on the Folder List, and then click Open in New Window on the shortcut menu.
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Strategic Vision - All Firms Need It

This article provided by Gary Boomer, CPA, of Boomer Consulting. Vision is important if your firm plans to grow and prosper. The large firms spend considerable resources on visioning and strategic planning. Building consensus and gaining input from staff, managers, and owners is important. Perhaps your firm is smaller and doesn’t feel it can spend the resources on strategic planning. Based upon what the well-managed firms do, at a minimum, your firm should have a one-page strategic plan with measurable goals.
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CPE Update - Changing With the Profession

The accounting profession has had a long-standing dedication to lifelong learning. The form and substance of CPE have changed considerably over the past 30 years. To keep standards current, the AICPA and NASBA released a joint exposure draft, Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education, last year. Its proposed standards emphasize learning plans that assess a CPA's progress toward individual competency goals.

E-mail Etiquette 101 - Tips For Better Communication On-line

For some reason, many people forget their manners when using e-mail. It's like what happens to some people when they get behind the wheel of a car. Otherwise mild-mannered drivers utter expletives or make obscene gestures when something doesn't go their way in traffic. E-mail has probably made the biggest impact on business and personal communications since the Pony Express, but it's easy to misunderstand the nature of it. Strictly speaking, it's not mail. AccountingWEB has compiled some basic rules and tips for using e-mail communications.


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