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Achieving Your Goals Takes More Than Good Intentions

By, Keith RosenThroughout my career as a business owner, a sales trainer and a business coach, I've noticed a consistent theme in relation to achieving greater levels of success. That is, the professionals who are extremely productive have taken the time to define their goals and a roadmap to attain what they want most. While some enjoy the excitement of strategizing for the New Year, others find themselves intimidated by the goal setting process.

Avoidance Versus Confronting - Stop Procrastination Today!

"The person who studiously avoids work usually works far longer and far harder than the man who pleasantly confronts it and does it." — L. Ron Hubbard What do you avoid? What projects never get done? What situations do you hate? Managers and business owners who avoid computers are less efficient, less informed and work harder than those who take the time to learn and use this incredible tool. Managers who avoid staff confrontations have problems with staff. Business owners who avoid asking their customers what they want fail to produce useful products and services.

Quick Ways To Boost Profits!

"Too often in business we get trapped into equating sales with profits. Yet there are many other ways you can dramatically impact your profitability!" Underpricing Kills Profits!Many small businesses have thinner profit margins than larger firms do because they tend to underprice their products or services. So why not just raise prices? I know the feeling--you're scared that your competition might swoop in like a bird of prey and your customer base might shrivel overnight!

How to Write a Press Release For Your Firm

One of the most effective ways of promoting your business is by using public relations. And one of the best tools that small businesses have is the press release. An article that is written from your press release in a newspaper, ezine or magazine, or is covered on radio or television will carry more credibility with the public than an ad that you can buy in the media. As an extra kicker, once it's been published you can pay to have it reprinted as an advertisement.
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The Value of Trust, A Clients Perspective

By, Joe Heller, The Strategy SamuraiOne of the most challenging, if not the most difficult piece of the business development puzzle in a sale is - Trust. Trust today is truly the pivotal point of building a successful business relationship. Trust is rarely tied to a product or service but it is facilitated by the person interacting with the customer. Why is this important? Because everything depends on trust and in this day and age, trust is difficult to come by.

Improving The Workplace - People Problems Perplex Supervisors

By, Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D.THE PROBLEMResearch shows that supervisors do a much better job of handling job-related problems than they do handling people-related problems. One of two employees believes that their immediate supervisor does a poor job of solving problems such as motivational, emotional, and personal issues.Here are some reasons why: 

How to Effectively Delegate Work And Responsibilities

Effective delegation will not only give you more time to work on your area of expertise, but you will also give others in your firm the opportunity to learn new skills and achieve their goals. Delegation helps people grow underneath you in an organization and thus pushes you even higher in management. It provides you with more time, and you will be able to take on higher priority projects. Delegate whole pieces or entire job pieces rather than simply tasks and activities.

Creating Your Ideal Career

By, Keith Rosen Do you love your job? Are you maximizing the career path that you're currently traveling on? Are you ready to attract your dream career; one that's aligned with your passions, strengths and talents? Do you have a strategy to easily transition from one career to the next with the least amount of risk or worry? Do you have a passion that you'd like to express in your career? The fact is, over 80% of all people in the workplace are not truly happy or satisfied with their career.

Tips To Topple Procrastination

By Karen Susman, President Karen Susman and AssociatesWe procrastinate for several reasons. We dread the action to be taken. We don’t have the information, authority or support to complete the action. We are perfectionists who can’t start a project because we might not do it perfectly. Perhaps we are addicted to the adrenaline rush of doing things last minute. Some procrastinators feel proud that they can do a good job in a small amount of time.

Dangerous Knowledge - What We Know Can Hurt Us

By, Keith RosenI recently purchased some advertising space in a national magazine. I have been a subscriber for years and knew everything I needed to know to select them as an advertising vehicle. I called them with one intention, to place an order. When I called the sales office, the ad saleswoman began doing what she felt was appropriate and that was to start selling me.

Six Steps to Positive Confrontation at Work

By, Barbara PachterYour boss yells at you in front of your co-workers. Your co-worker is not doing her fair share on the team project. Your employee is chronically late. What can you do about these and countless other annoying, bothersome, or even intolerable situations at work?"The American workplace can seem full of conflict," says business communications trainer Barbara Pachter. "For the employee, this conflict translates into added work stress and dissatisfaction.

Being Too Serious Can Drive You Crazy – Tips To Lighten Up

By, Mike ChatelainAre you having fun? Do you get a thrill from your work? Do you enjoy waking up each morning? Certain myths about work can pull you down. "Work is not supposed to be fun." "You must buckle down and get serious." Perhaps the biggest myth of all: "People will think I’m important if I act seriously. "Yet getting serious creates problems: stress, worry, anxiety, emotional pain, drudgery and failure.Resolving problems by getting more serious is like fixing a computer with a hammer.

How to Make a Positive Impact When Sending Email

By, Edwin HaywardOn the Web, e-mail will often be your first -- or indeed, your only -- point of contact with other people. While everyone has their own distinctive writing style, here are a few general pointers about email etiquette...Don't OverquoteIf you're quoting somebody's message in your reply, try to quote only the relevant portions of the message and not the whole thing. For instance, I used to run a website promotion newsletter, and I was forever getting the whole newsletter sent back to me with a single line saying "Thank you!".

Transferable Skills - Use Them To Your Advantage

By, By Beth Jackson It seems like every job posting comes with an extensive wish list of required skills. Sometimes it's difficult to judge whether you're qualified for a position or not. Luckily, there are some skills that are necessary no matter what you do. These are known as transferable skills, and it's important to know what they are and use them to your advantage. CommunicationNo matter what position you are seeking, communication is crucial.

How to Handle Difficult People

A bully at your work is difficult for you to face. He is demanding you do part of his job without pay or credit. How do you handle it? Your neighbors are constantly fighting. They wake you up in the middle of the night with their screams and curses. What do you say to them?Your father is unhappy about your career choice. He constantly criticizes your work and points out what he thinks you should do. How do you deal with him?Difficult situations are part of everyone’s life. Employers and employees can’t get along. Partners clash over money.
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How To Make The Most of Your Time

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Dealing With Difficult Partners

By Kaye Vivian Every moment of misery is different, and every set of circumstances in which partners find themselves confronting their partners is different. This makes it hard to be prepared for these moments when they do occur. Yet these moments of misery are bound to happen, since everyone doesn't perform up to their full potential 100% of the time, and conflicts arise for any number of reasons. Some general guidelines may help a managing partner or a concerned peer turn the miserable moments and conflicts around.

A Little Used Business Secret, Plus Free Book Download

by John HarricharanYou may download for FREE, Mr. Harricharan's Book "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat" at the end of the article...Sometimes, the simplest things are the most profound. Many times, the most obvious things are often ignored. A good percentage of the time the most common sense principles are the ones most disregarded.Perhaps, it's because we are so intent on making a living that we forget about making a life.One of the most forgotten principles for personal success is a word ignored by almost everyone - Goodwill.
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Eight Tips for Effective Cocktail Conversation

by, Etiquette International"A gossip is one who talks to you about others; a bore is one who talks to you about himself; and a brilliant man is one who talks to you about yourself." (Lisa Kirk)Listen before jumping into a conversation.

Business Etiquette You Really Need to Know

by Susan Bryant, Monster Contributing Writer What’s the difference between the rising star whose career is picking up speed and his counterpart who can’t seem to get the engine to turn over? Often, the star has mastered the nuances of business etiquette -- the subtle but critical behaviors that can make or break an important meeting, influence a first impression or impress a potential client. According to Hilka Klinkenberg, director of Etiquette International, a business etiquette firm, the basics of professional etiquette are really quite simple.


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