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5 Potentially Costly Problems of Sales Tax Collection

Here are five common, and potentially costly, pitfalls to help your clients avoid when dealing with sales tax collection and filing.

Study: Consumers Would Not Give National Sales Tax a Chilly Reception

In fact, if imposed in the US, consumers may not even pay much attention to such a tax, new academic research found.

Special Sales Tax Report: The Key Issues Accountants Need to Know

Nexus, Washington legislation, class-action lawsuits, and more—what is happening with sales taxation today?

The 5 Services Small Businesses Need to Avoid Sales Tax Hassles

Sales tax compliance can be a small business nightmare—but it doesn't have to be this way.

New Bill May Change the Sales Tax System

If your clients include retailers, pending federal legislation allowing states to tax Internet sales could mean big changes in the way they process and account for their sales and use taxes.

Sales Tax Confusion: Either Way, You're Screwed

If you don't collect enough sales tax, you're in trouble with the state. Collect too much and the lawyers will be after you. Vendors may feel they're in a no-win situation.

Are You Picking the Wrong Rate for Sales Tax?

As if sales tax nexus wasn't complicated enough, you also have to determine if you're in an "origin" or "destination" jurisdiction.
Practice Management

How to Make It Through the SALT Mines

State and local tax rules can be tangled, and the penalties for errors are severe. Some basic info can help.

Do 'Cloud' Ventures Result in Sales Tax Problems?

The "Cloud" is all the rage, promising to solve a range of data management issues. But care is needed – you may end up with a sales tax nexus.

Colorado Marijuana Taxes Helping the Bottom Line

Colorado's Department of Revenue finds that legal drug dealing can be quite lucrative, as the sales and excise taxes on retail marijuana sales roll in.

The Big Boon of the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013

Over the last year or so, the Marketplace Fairness Act has gotten a lot of coverage. Although the act passed in the Senate, the House of Representatives hasn’t yet voted on its passage, and in some circles, there’s concern it won’t pass.

'Amazon Tax' Invalidated by Illinois Supreme Court

A two-year-old Illinois law that required all businesses to collect state sales tax on purchases made by Illinois residents – whether or not the merchant had a physical presence in the state – was invalidated by the Illinois Supreme Court October 18.

Many States Offer Back-to-School Sales Tax Holidays in 2013

Did you know there are seventeen states where state sales tax charges are temporarily dropped on back-to-school items, such as clothing, footwear, classroom supplies, computers, and certain other products?

Internet Sales Tax Clears Senate Hurdle

New legislation authorizing the states to collect sales tax from companies peddling their wares online breezed through the Senate on May 6 by a wide 69-27 margin. But the Marketplace Fairness Act is expected to face much tougher opposition in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

New Law Requiring Tax on Internet Sales Moves Forward

The federal government moved one step closer toward imposing state sales tax on online retail sellers when the Senate voted on April 22, 2013, to bring the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 to the floor for limited debate.

Online Sales Tax Court Decision Could Set Stage for Supreme Court Showdown

A court ruling last week that upholds a decision to force online retailers to collect New York State sales tax may force a Supreme Court battle or action by Congress to allow states to claim tax revenues they've lost to online purchases.

Is Pole Dancing a Tax-Exempt Art Form?

If the owners of the Upstate New York strip club Nite Moves have their way, the Supreme Court will be taking up that question. They are challenging a $124,921 tax bill levied by state tax authorities and affirmed by appeals court judges.

How to Prepare Clients for the Marketplace Fairness Act

The Marketplace Fairness Act gives states the authority to enforce sales tax collection requirements on most retailers for online sales purchased by residents of the state, even if the retailers have no physical presence in that state.

Final Regs Diagnose New Medical Device Tax

Just a few heartbeats away from the New Year, the IRS has issued final regulations governing the imposition of a new excise tax on "medical devices," such as pacemakers and implantable defibrillators.

Holiday Sales Tax Cheer for Online Retailers

The figures for holiday sales aren't in yet, but online retailers already have reason to celebrate: a proposal to tack onto a defense authorization bill an amendment that would impose sales tax on out-of-state sellers was booted at the last minute.
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