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New Crowdsourced Report Ranks Accounting Software

G2 Crowd has published its latest report which has top satisfaction and user ratings for nine of the most reviewed accounting software platforms on the market.

Study Finds SOX 404 May Not be Fulfilling its Purpose

Academic research shows companies that are transparent about internal-control problems incur a variety of “penalties” than those that don’t report weaknesses.

Technology a Core Asset for CFOs, Research Says

Economic volatility and competition for the smartest staff will also have a big effect on finance departments, according to a study from the IMA and ACCA.

Number of Accounting Class Actions Steady Over Last Two Years

According to a new report from economic and financial consulting firm Cornerstone Research, 47 accounting class-action lawsuits were filed against companies in 2013, up slightly from the 46 filed in 2012.

Inflation Negatively Impacts Effective Tax Rate on Capital Gains

Under the federal tax code, inflation can create an infinite effective tax rate on capital gains, and in fact, if a taxpayer purchased an average stock in 2000 or 2007 and sold in 2013, he or she would be taxed entirely on inflation, according to a new study from the Tax Foundation.

Studies Make a Case for Engagement Partner Identification

The three research studies examine whether knowing the name of the engagement partner leading an auditing effort is valuable to investors and whether being required to provide this information enhances the performance of engagement partners.
Education & Careers

Study Finds Fortune 500 CFOs Staying in Roles One Year Longer

Fortune 500 CFOs are staying at their jobs longer, as the average tenure among top corporate financial executives is 5.9 years, up from 4.9 years since 2008, according to new research.

Study: Women Improve Quality of Corporate Accounting; Mandating Board Gender Quotas Does Not

Are women better equipped than men to oversee corporate finances? Several recent studies in "Accounting Horizons," published by the American Accounting Association, have suggested as much.
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