Can you really do that in QuickBooks?

By Joe Woodard, AccountingWEB QuickBooks columnist Restricting Changes to the Chart of AccountsThis trick prevents users from making the following changes to the chart of accounts: Merging Accounts Changing Account Types Changing Sub-Account/Parent Account AssignmentsReason for the Trick

Intuit acquires PayCycle, expands services for small businesses

Intuit Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to purchase PayCycle Inc., one of the nation's fastest-growing online payroll services, serving more than 85,000 small businesses. The cash transaction is valued at approximately $170 million, subject to adjustment. Privately held PayCycle, based in Palo Alto, CA, is a leader in online payroll for small businesses, accountants, and financial institutions.

Using QuickBooks to prevent fraud

By Amy VetterYour protection against fraud is only as good as your internal control and accounting procedures. Often business owners simply rely on software, yet software is only one component of the control environment. In this article, CPA and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Amy Vetter shows how QuickBooks can contribute to a holistic approach to control. A Case Study in Weak ControlsIt was the day before I was going to have my second child. I was saying my "Goodbyes" at my client before leaving to go to the hospital the next morning.

Checklist of 25 elements of appropriate controls with QuickBooks

By Amy VetterHelping clients protect themselves from fraud is one of the most valuable services you can provide. The security features in QuickBooks can contribute to a holistic approach to control in concert with best business practices. In this article, CPA and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Amy Vetter provides a list of 25 areas or issues – both inside and outside the software – that are crucial to an adequate defense against fraud.

How important is a QuickBooks backup?

By Anne ColesOne of the most common questions from clients is, "How often should I back up my QuickBooks?" The best answer is "every day!" (Or anytime you are doing a data import or upgrading your version of QuickBooks). The challenge is that many businesses lack the discipline to back up their data daily.

Using CRM to gain and maintain a competitive edge

By Naseem SaabWhy CRM?CRM (Customer/Client Relationship Management) is software that is used to record, track, and report on all prospect, customer, and vendor activities and transactions. CRM allows businesses to have information that is immediately available, complete and up-to-date, enabling them to respond appropriately to any request, to increase effectiveness and success. Firms used to consider this type of centralized and comprehensive information resource a desirable option. Now it's a business necessity.

Sleeter Group selects Results Software as a strategic partner

The Sleeter Group and Results Software have announced an alliance to deliver an integrated business solution to the small to medium business market, where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are in high demand.The new relationship empowers the Sleeter Group Consultants Network (SGCN) of over 600 QuickBooks consultants, to offer Results CRM products and services to their clients who are seeking to leverage their investment in QuickBooks by integrating it with their office operations and customer relationship managemen

10 Low-cost security strategies for your business

By Diana DiBelloIf your personal or business security strategy is little more than a set of colorful sticky-notes with passwords attached to your screen, you are in big trouble!In today's environment, we should know better than to leave passwords and other sensitive information in plain sight - making our systems vulnerable to attack.

Is your Item setting skewing your QuickBooks reports?

By Anne ColesTroubleshooting item problems in QuickBooks can be a challenge because setup issues (i.e. using a single-sided item) don't stand out on the income statement. Often the only indicator that there is a problem is that the income is either grossly over- or under-stated. A single-sided item has only one box to choose an account. You can tell which item is single-sided because the "This service is used in assemblies or is performed by a subcontractor or partner" box is not checked. When the box is not checked (i.e.

Three simple steps for upgrading to the newest QuickBooks

By Carol Barleycorn, customer care technical specialist at IntuitUpgrading to the newest QuickBooks is as simple as 1-2-3. [See Note, below.]1. Verify your file in the current version of QuickBooks.A recommended form of file maintenance is to run the Verify utility on your data file in the current version of QuickBooks. This will streamline the conversion process later by making sure data problems are identified and corrected now. Complete a rebuild if asked. Run the Verify again AND if there are no errors proceed with the upgrade.

Automating expense control delivers huge returns

by Bill VergantinoIf you are like most small-to-midsized business executives, your primary focus is on growing revenue and controlling company spending. To that end, you leverage technology to eliminate inefficient processes in your company, such as a CRM system to manage revenue and an accounting or ERP solution as your back-end financial system of record.

Don’t get caught in the nexus trap

By Diana DiBelloIn sales and use tax, nexus is one of the most active areas of debate and analysis. Many an unsuspecting company has been caught in the snares of a state's nexus!Nexus requirements vary by state and often catch a seasoned tax professional unaware. Unlike income tax, PL 86-272 does not offer protection from sales tax.

Did you reconcile?

Love it or hate it, most small business owners are using QuickBooks to track their company's finances. I've found that many people, while using QuickBooks to enter transactions, fail to follow through to ensure they are getting everything entered.

Intuit bringing online payroll to accountants, Mac users, and financial institutions

Intuit Inc. will soon introduce Intuit Online Payroll to accountants and Mac users as well as banks and credit unions.The move addresses customer need for an easy and affordable way to manage their payroll with confidence. New service offerings will be available as early as spring 2009."Whether you are a small business owner or an accountant, using a Mac or a PC, Intuit Online Payroll will be at your service—anytime, anywhere," said Cameron Schmidt, director of marketing for the Intuit Payroll Division.

High-tech solutions help meet sales tax reporting, compliance requirements

By Diana DiBelloLet's face facts. Many small businesses devote energy to providing a service or product, with little time left over to devote to back-office solutions.

How will the Economic Stimulus Act affect payroll for me and my clients?

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), aka the Economic Stimulus Act, includes new tax credits and other assistance that, while beneficial, will require changes to how payroll is calculated. Intuit, producer of QuickBooks, Intuit Payroll, is providing its clients with several methods for keeping up to date on the latest changes. Here are the suggestions Intuit is making to its clients for how to ensure payroll is current and correct:

Five QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts for you and clients

It's often the little things that bring the most joy. When teaching Intuit QuickBooks accounting software, I am frequently surprised when I mention a way to do something that I assume everyone knows and find people say, "That's great, I didn't know that." So to help you become more of a QuickBooks expert here are some of my favorite shortcuts for you or for your clients. Intuit has prepared a PDF version of this article that is client-ready, if that would be of use.Shortcut One: Keyboard Tips Working with DatesWhen in a date field there are many ways to change the date.

QuickBooks Podcasts

Learn QuickBooks the easy way!

What is nexus and how does it affect QuickBooks users?

Did you know you are obligated to collect and remit sales tax where you conduct business? Have you heard of nexus and do you know what it means for your business? If the answer is no, you can be assured the taxman will explain it after your next audit.

Integration of payroll data: Not an issue with online payroll services

By Julie LubetkinSome of the most desirable integrated service solutions for accounting professionals can be described as those that give the accountant the freedom and flexibility to use the best-fit accounting solutions without any added work. Accounting professionals should not be constrained to using only one vendor's technology if there is another resource available that provides a more appropriate fit for clients and the practice.


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