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Investors Leery of Separate Accounting Standards for Private Companies

CFA Institute report says the argument for creating standards for nonpublic entities “doesn’t withstand scrutiny.”

NASBA: Private Company Standard-Setting Process is ‘Effective and Efficient’

But NASBA officials urged the FAF not to limit the Private Company Council’s role in that process.

AICPA to FAF: Full Steam Ahead on Private Company Accounting Matters

Comments sent as part of an assessment of the Private Company Council’s effectiveness in standard-setting process.

Final US GAAP Framework for Private Companies Issued by FASB and PCC

The Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Private Company Council on December 23 issued a final decision-making framework for users and preparers of private company financial statements.

PCC Finalizes Two GAAP Standards for FASB to Endorse

Two alternatives within US GAAP – accounting for interest rate swaps and accounting for goodwill in a business combination for private companies – were finalized by the PCC during a meeting on October 1.

FASB Chairman Russell Golden Outlines Plans for Future

In his first public speech since taking the helm of the FASB, Chairman Russell Golden outlined his top four priorities for the standard-setting board's future during an event on September 12 celebrating FASB's fortieth anniversary.

FASB Issues Proposal to Define Public Business Entity

A proposal that defines a public business entity was issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) on August 7. The FASB is encouraging stakeholders to review and provide comments on the proposal by September 20.

FASB and PCC Finalize GAAP Framework for Private Companies

A decision-making framework that outlines criteria to determine whether and in what circumstances it is appropriate to adjust financial reporting requirements for private companies following US GAAP was finalized by the FASB and the PCC on July 16.

NASBA and AICPA Reconcile Differences on FRF for SMEs

The NASBA and the AICPA have put aside their differences regarding the non-US GAAP financial reporting framework the AICPA introduced last month, and they have teamed on a decision-making tool that will help small businesses decide whether the framework is right for them.

FASB Issues Three PCC Proposals for Public Comment

The FASB on July 1 issued for public comment three accounting proposals from the PCC in response to concerns raised by private company stakeholders about the complexity of certain aspects of US GAAP.

NASBA Advises Private Companies Not to Use AICPA Framework

Stating that it would "significantly weaken the financial reporting of private companies," NASBA is recommending to privately held businesses that they not use the FRF for SMEs that was introduced by the AICPA June 10.

AICPA Unveils New Non-GAAP Framework for Financial Reporting

The AICPA's FRF for SMEs provides a new accounting option for preparing streamlined, relevant financial statements for privately held, owner-managed businesses that are not required to use US GAAP.

FASB Seeks More Feedback on Decision-Making Framework

June 21 will likely be an important day for the FASB and the Private Company Council (PCC). That day will mark the end of a public comment period on a proposed private company decision-making framework that the FASB and the PCC are developing.

FASB Extends Deadline for Comment on Private Company Framework

The FASB announced it would extend the deadline for comment on a staff paper that outlines an approach for deciding whether and when to modify GAAP for private companies. The deadline is now November 9.

FAF Names Members of New Private Company Council

FAF has announced the appointment of the chairman and nine members of the newly created Private Company Council, which will work with FASB to determine whether and when to modify US GAAP for private companies.

FAF Requests Nominations for New PCC

On June 1, the Financial Accounting Foundation Board of Trustees issued a request for nominations for candidates to serve on the new Private Company Council.

Video News Update for Week of January 9, 2012

AccountingWEB's Weekly News Update for the week of January 9, 2012 is available in video format!

FASB Is Viewing Private Company Standards through a Different Lens

In advance of a formal decision by the FAF on a differential framework for making exceptions and modifications to GAAP for private companies, the FASB has taken steps to identify and make decisions/tentative decisions regarding current accounting standards.

AICPA Sends Message to the FAF Re: Private Companies

The AICPA's governing council approved a resolution that sends a strong message to the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) recommending move to adopt the Blue Ribbon Panel on Standard Setting for Private Companies' recommendations for a separate board.

FAF Rejects Independent Standard Setting Board for Private Companies

A new council with the authority to identify, propose, and vote on specific improvements to U.S. accounting standards for private companies has been proposed by the Board of Trustees of the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF).


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