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S-Corporations Pay Highest Effective Tax Rates

A study released by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the S-Corporation Association on August 7 shows that S-corporations pay the highest effective tax rates of any type of business.

Political Benefactors Wanted: Dead or Alive

Some people are so passionate about politics they won't let anything get in their way. Not even a little thing like, well . . . death. "USA TODAY" recently analyzed data available from the Federal Election Commission and came up with some interesting findings.

Tax Reform: Listen, Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Congress appears to be getting serious about tax reform. Party leaders of the Senate's tax-writing committee have promised that any tax reform proposals made by their colleagues will be kept secret for fifty years.

'Odd Couple' Baucus and Camp Launch Tax Reform Tour

The chairmen heading up the two major tax-writing committees in Congress - Max Baucus and Dave Camp - are taking a dog and pony show on the road this summer to promote the concept of comprehensive tax reform to the American public.

State of the Union: Table Is Set for Tax Reform

President Obama delivered a sweeping State of the Union address on a broad array of topics, ranging from the economy to immigration reform to gun control.

Should Preachers Be Practicing Politics?

On "Pulpit Freedom Sunday," more than 1,000 pastors participated in a collaborated effort to defy the IRS by endorsing political candidates. Their message was clear: You can't tell us what we can and can't talk about to our congregations.
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Obama's Corporate Tax Plan Begins to Take Shape

Last week, President Obama unveiled the framework for an extensive corporate tax package. It didn't take long for his rivals to poke holes in the plan. In fact, the Republican front-runner for the presidency, Mitt Romney, chose the very same day on the campaign trail to present his own economic program.
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Romney Pays Low Tax, But It's Perfectly Legal

Romney has been catching a lot of flak for the relatively small amount of tax he pays, despite the millions in assets that he owns. But the GOP front-runner for president is only doing what the filthy rich usually do: paying the least amount of income tax they are legally obligated to pay.
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Some CPA Analysts Question if Romney's Tax Reform Approach Will Fly

Some Republican candidates' tax reform platforms have spurred discussion and controversy, but Mitt Romney's "Believe in America" plan for jobs and economic growth has drawn relatively little discussion. One CPA analyst argues that Romney is "staying status quo on the personal side of the tax equation."

Trump tax plan would have wiped out national debt

Several years ago, real estate tycoon and potential candidate for president in 2012, Donald Trump, proposed a tax plan that would have wiped out the multi-trillion dollar national debt, provided a tax cut to the middle class, and installed a safeguard to the Social Security system.
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