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Plante Moran Survey: Businesses Made Major Strides in Innovation in 2013

Major gains in innovation within companies have been realized in 2013, as 94 percent of business leaders cited how innovation ties to sustainability and growth as a top organizational priority, up from 79 percent last year.

Plante Moran Survey Asks Businesses to Evaluate Their Innovation IQ

Building on the findings from last year's Innovation Survey, Plante Moran is back for a third year asking organizations throughout the Midwest what fuels innovation in their organizations.
Education & Careers

Committed to the Climb: Plante Moran Launches Women in Leadership Initiative

In April, Plante Moran, a company long known for its groundbreaking approach to attracting and developing top female talent, announced the launch of its new Women in Leadership initiative to ensure aspiring female leaders don't have to travel the path to leadership alone.

Plante Moran's Latest Merger Ups It to Eleventh Place National Ranking

Plante Moran's merger with a Chicago CPA firm last year moved it up a notch to eleventh place in a ranking of the nation's largest public accounting firms based on revenue and significantly expanded its Chicago presence.

Plante Moran and Blackman Kallick to Merge

Hydrogen and oxygen are essential elements, and together they make a big splash. The same can be said for the merger of Plante Moran and Blackman Kallick.

Plante Moran’s "Succession Transition: A Roadmap for Seamless Transitions"

Plante Moran, PLLC announces the release of its new book, "Succession Transition: A Roadmap for Seamless Transitions." This insightful resource offers strategies for creating sustainable organizations through leadership development.
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