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CPA Firms Increasingly Offshoring Tax Preparation

Public accounting is the next wave of outsourcing to hit India shores, say analysts on both sides of the globe. Following the boom in high-tech engineering and legal outsourcing, “it is now the turn of taxmen to seek Indian firms’ help in preparing returns,” wrote Plaban Gupta of The India Express. 

China Targets Outsourcing

The Chinese government has earmarked ten cities in the country for development as major outsourcing centers in a bid to capture a greater share of the technology work that Western multinationals have traditionally outsourced to India and other low-cost destinations.

4 of 5 Executives Consider Outsourcing Pension Plan Management

Major changes in pension plan rules are fueling a trend toward outsourcing plan management, with 81 percent of executives responding to a Quick Poll reporting they will consider it. The results of the poll, released on Monday, also indicate that 42 percent of participating U.S. and Canadian plan sponsors remain committed to their defined benefit plans. 


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