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Mobile devices


IRS Releases Version 4.0 of Mobile App

It might take slightly longer for taxpayers to get their tax refunds from the IRS this year, but at least they can do a better job of tracking the progress on their smartphones.

FASB Codification Can Now Be Viewed on Tablets

Subscribers can now access the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) "Accounting Standards Codification" on iOS and Android-based devices.

Study Finds Security and Integration among Top Technology Concerns

Systems security and finding a software solution that integrates financial data across multiple functions rank as family offices' top technology concerns, according to new research.

Are Mobile Devices Causing a Digital Divide in the Workplace?

Each day when Bill Walter hops on the elevator in the building that houses his CPA firm, a majority of the people riding with him have their smartphones in hand – checking e-mails or surfing the Internet – before arriving at their particular floors.

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