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An Inside Look at Sikich LLP

A conservative sounding expansion strategy is creating some non-conservatively dramatic growth for Aurora, Ill.-based Sikich.Advertisement

The Simple 7-Step Online Success Formula For Professional Service Firms

Fully 95 percent of my CPA firm clients desperately want their web sites to produce high quality business leads, but they simply don't know how to make it happen. Most have tried expensive web designers, graphic artists, "geeks" of every type and Google Adwords. In the end . . .
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A Constant Flow of Hot, New Marketing Ideas <b>by Allan S. Boress, CPA, CFE</b>

Busy season is almost over, so it’s time to kick start your marketing to catch up for lost time. Are your tired of trying the same old thing? Ideas tend to get stale and occasionally competitors awaken and put something into action you were already thinking about (but couldn’t get the partners to act on…).So where can you get a bundle of hot and refreshing ideas? Adopt the world-view of one of the riches men in the history of the US.The Right PerspctiveW.

Bank of America Bringing Music to CPA Ears

As part of its first-ever Get in Tune program, Bank of America Business Bankers serving companies making $2.5 million to $20 million in annual revenues, are distributing more than 3,000 packages stuffed with items including an iPod Shuffle, $10 gift Card for online music, squeezable stress relief ball and candy, to hard-working Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).Advertisement
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The Ultimate CPA Practice Propulsion Machine -- Referral Systems

If you're a lawyer, CPA or business consultant, it’s a good bet that a large percentage of your new clients are coming from direct or indirect referrals. Most of you think of this as "word of mouth advertising."I’m also willing to bet that 99.9 percent of you out there have never given any thought to putting formal, aggressive and automatic referral systems in place.When I bring this up with clients I usually hear something like this:"I don’t need any help with referrals. All of my business comes from word of mouth right now.

IRS Proposes to Let Tax Preparers Sell Tax Information

A proposal by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to permit tax preparers to sell tax information to third parties for marketing purposes if the taxpayer has signed a consent, drew little attention when it was first published in December as part of a set of proposed changes to Section 6103 of the tax code. Section 6103 covers disclosure of taxpayer information.

How to Dominate Your Niche in 5 Easy Steps and 60 Days or Less

One of the most pressing questions my clients ask is: "How do I quickly become the dominant force in my chosen niche, without spending unlimited amounts of money?"It's a crucial question but one that's not necessarily right on target.I've seen many professional service firms, with unlimited amounts of money, watch helplessly while smaller, nimbler and smarter competitors ran circles around them with their “smarter” marketing efforts.Marketing is very seldom about's always about brains!

CPA Practice Marketing: Expand Your Client Base by Narrowing Your Marketing Focus

CPA firm marketing is often scattered, unfocused and haphazard. Every CPA firm marketing effort can benefit from “concentration” of CPA firm marketing resources.I believe one of the most underutilized marketing weapons for CPA practices is the power of niche marketing.

What Niche Are You Already Serving?

Most accountants have a fair idea of what percentage of their fees are generated by what type of services they are providing. Most know how much money is earned from tax work, write-up services, etc. But very few practitioners can tell you their total annual fees from different business segments. How much comes from retail businesses, or manufacturing, or from real estate offices?Spend some time analyzing your files to determine where you might already have a well- established niche.

The Best Time of Year to Do Marketing: Marketing into a Vacuum – Part Two <b>by Allan Borress, CPA, CFE</b>

"Busy season" is the best time of year to take advantage of marketing opportunities you won't find at other times.
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David Maister Launches Marketing Masterclass Series of Podcasts

This month, business guru David Maister launches the first in a series of unique, marketing podcasts for professional services firms. The first four of 14 podcasts will be available, free, on his web site, at, beginning January 23.
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The Best Time of Year To Do Marketing: Marketing into a Vacuum – Part One <b>by Allan Borress, CPA, CFE</b>

"Busy season" is the best time of year to take advantage of marketing opportunities you won't find at other times.The period of January through April is always very demanding. However, this is the one time of year that is the equivalent of our retail clients' Christmas season.
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Seven Easy Steps to Your CPA Practice Marketing Plan for 2006

In my CPA consulting experience, most of you out there are great “doers”, not “planners.”You either don’t do any planning at all or you “analyze” your marketing efforts to “death” and nothing ever gets done, marketing effort wise.I’ve encountered a lot of CPA firm practitioners who get into trouble “doing” the wrong marketing activities the right way, or “doing” the right marketing activities the wrong way.If you want to start doing the right marketing activities the right way, you’ve got to start with a marketing useable plan that you can create in one d

New Pixel Micro-Ads Target Personal Finance

The micro-ad model, pioneered by Nottingham University entrepreneur Alex Tew in September 2005, has just been focused on global providers of personal finance and credit to consumers.

The Box Has Arrived (at the Toy Hall of Fame)!

It is that time of year. Children, young and old, eagerly await the arrival of the mail, hoping for mysterious holiday packages. Some were delivered to the gift-giver first, arriving beautifully wrapped and ready to put under the tree. Others arrive direct from the retailer and still need a little help before they take their place with the others. They all have one thing in common, however. They are all in boxes. The box is important, not just for what it contains, but for what it represents.

FTC Fines DirecTV $5M for Privacy Violations

Signaling that the federal government is serious about enforcing the national Do-Not-Call Registry, the Federal Trade Commission has fined a satellite television operator more than $5 million.The FTC contends that DirecTV and companies it hired to promote its programming, have violated the do-not-call law since October 2003. The FTC announced the company would pay a $5.3 million fine.The do-not-call list has been lauded as a government success story, with 110.4 million residential and mobile telephone numbers registered, the Washington Post reported.
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Financial Services Advertising Spending Increasing

The top ad-spending category may not be financial services now, but its third ranking may only be temporary this year. USAToday reports that the financial services category is up $3.8 billion for the first half of 2005, according to ad tracker TNS Media Intelligence. Financial services broke the top five in 2002, with a 2 percent increase in spending to reach a $5.9 billion total. USAToday reports that spending in this category topped $6.7 billion, with a 12 percent jump in spending in 2003 and jumped further in 2004, to 16 percent, to reach $7.8 billion in spending.

It’s Always the Same Seven Marketing Mistakes

The more things change at CPA firms, the more they stay the same.Take marketing for example.Your CPA firm marketing sucks. You know it. Your client knows it.Your marketing was terrible last year.

A New Look For And At Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular option to gift buying. Trying to dispel the generic look and feel associated with gift cards, merchants are dressing them up for the season. Gift cards are available picturing Christmas trees, birthday gifts and wedding scenes, to name just a few. Some gift cards can even be personalized with a message!Merchants are also getting creative with packaging. Coffee retailer Starbucks, always a popular standby, has replaced the familiar paper sleeve with a festive red felt pouch giving their card less of a “last minute” look.

The Small CPA Firm Marketing Meltdown

While Big 4 CPA firm revenues continue to slide and second tier CPA firm revenues and profits explode, small CPA firms remain blissfully ignorant of the radical changes currently underway in the CPA profession.Two surveys conducted over as many years show Big 4 accounting firms steadily but, surely losing clients as the Big 4 accounting oligopoly deals with its tax shelter legal woes and the continuing fallout of the Arthur Anderson demise.


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