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Low-cost plan of action for developing a marketing program

There is a wealth of marketing tools, resources, and software available on the market - many of which work well and are cost effective. My intention with this article is to provide those with no marketing plan with a little inspiration and to mention that it might be time to review existing plans.
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One single marketing mistake is killing the success of accountants

Everything you’ve ever learned about marketing and growing an accountancy practice... is wrong. That’s right, wrong! And if it’s not wrong it’s probably out of date.

The job of marketing has changed

Marketing has never been hands-on the way that sellers were when they made cold calls or went to client sites to make presentations. Sellers worked more with the buyer; marketers worked more with the solution, the brand, and the general demography of possible buyers.
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Social media offers low-cost way to crank up your marketing program

In a tough economy, marketing is often the first to go. But that can mean missed opportunities. So, more accounting firms are using social media to boost their marketing efforts without busting their budgets.
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Online marketing for independent accounting and tax firms

Figuring out how to market your business online can be a confusing morass of gurus, geek-speak, and expensive programs. But, marketing comes down to three key elements.
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Even small businesses can benefit from marketing systems

Small companies that implement marketing systems to identify their best prospects can dramatically increase revenue and reduce the time and cost of their sales cycles. Best prospects are those companies that need what you are selling the most, are ready to buy immediately, and will pay top dollar.
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Identifying, understanding (and marketing to) the generations

For years, marketers have made it their business to study different age groups for ways to best reach out to, and communicate with, the various generations. But who are we referring to when we break down the generations?
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Survey: Advances in social media difficult to keep up with

Using social media for brand promotion continues to become more popular, however nearly half of marketing and communications professionals are unsure how to use it effectively.

Selling services: It’s not about the money

I spoke in December at a networking meeting of sales professionals. What I was asked to speak about (and this by someone who fully understands my views on the topic), and what I disclosed during my brief presentation is the following: Sometimes it’s just not about money.
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Break free: Five marketing challenges holding back your CPA firm

How does a CPA firm market during these challenging times? How does it preserve value? And how can it emerge from this crisis stronger (and wiser) than before?
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7 Ways to keep marketing even when you're busy

Marketing when busy with client work is a challenge for both beginning and experienced professional service providers.

Talk tracking to me: Secrets of e-mail marketing

The beauty of e-mail marketing — and Internet marketing in general — is that it is the most trackable advertising medium on the planet.

Waste not, want not: Is what you call marketing really a colossal waste?

The Supreme Court’s 1977 decision Bates v. State Bar of Arizona allowed lawyers to advertise their services, opening the gate for CPAs to enter the world of marketing. Unfortunately, this pretty good idea has suffered from 30 years of sometimes poor execution.

Customer success stories speed the sale

by Barbara Bix and Olga Taylor Marketing and Sales worked hard to find the opportunity and close the deal. The people in Operations knocked themselves out to deliver above expectations. It's been a year or more since the relationship began, and your client is patting himself on the back for taking the risk to invest into your solutions.As you say to yourself, "I told you so," are you wondering how many other companies have the same needs as this client?

Why Marketing 101 lessons still prevail: A case study

by Barbara BixWith apologies to Robert Fulghum, author of the bestseller, Everything I Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, a recent experience provided solid proof that much of what we need to know as marketers was covered in Marketing 101. In it, I had the opportunity to participate in formulating the marketing strategy and tactics of a specialty health care practice - and relearn some essential and fundamental principles of marketing.
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PKF Texas accounting marketer inducted into AAM Marketing Hall of Fame

PKF Texas is pleased to announce that Karen Love, director, practice growth, was inducted into the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Hall of Fame. "For the past nine years, Karen has had an immeasurable impact on our firm. From being an early proponent of PKF Texas' corporate social responsibility efforts to providing critical input on the strategic vision of the firm, Karen has played a tremendous role in doubling the firm's growth in the past five years," said Kenneth Guidry, CPA, President.

Help clients take advantage of the First Time Homebuyer Credit

It's a great idea... stimulating the economy from the ground up by giving would-be homebuyers an $8,000 push. But since the purchase must complete before the credit can be obtained, for those who don't have the down payment up front, the First Time Homebuyer Credit works better in theory than in practice. Here's a reminder of the rules for using the First Time Homebuyer Credit: The credit is available to first time homebuyers, defined as an individual who has not owned a home in the three year period prior to the purchase. 

The power of anecdote and agenda: Researching your prospects' buying patterns

by Barbara Bix and Melissa Josephson Edwards As marketing directors, we want to invest money in marketing projects that demonstrate a return on investment and that will make a difference in the bottom line. How can you develop a great marketing campaign that will deliver results?By conducting market research to:  

Revamp your communications plan and increase revenues

By Barbara Bix and Melissa Josephson Edwards If the rate of your incoming revenues seems to be slowing down, it may be time to revamp your firm's marketing communications plan. Effective communications plans will leverage your principals' time and speed up the sales process by anticipating and getting prospective clients the information they need to move to the next level — wherever these prospects are in the buying process.

Getting your feet wet with marketing online

By James Pennington, consultant at the National B2B Centre (NB2BC)Plan your Web siteMany people sit down and start working on their Web site but then stop and never get started again because they haven't thought about what they are trying to achieve. Remember, that your Web site is another sales medium. Understand your proposition and unique selling point and have a strategy for using the Web. The following resources can help: 


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