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Leveraging busy season discussions to nurture relationships

By: Terri M. Sommella, President, Sommella Market StrategiesThis time of year, accountants spend many hours a day talking to clients, prospects and referral sources. Did you know that busy season discussions can be leveraged to enhance your effectiveness as an advisor and nurture existing relationships? By incorporating a few open-ended questions into busy season conversations, you can elevate the value of the dialog. Open-ended questions usually begin with newspaper reporter's questions: Who, what, when, where, and why.
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Be Recognized For Your Firm's Ethics

America is experiencing what some perceive to be a crisis of confidence in the way business operates. A wave of scandals is impacting public trust across the entire spectrum of the marketplace as consumers, employees and stockholders question whether they can trust businesses to adhere to high standards of behavior.
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E&Y-Giuliani Program May Help Prevent Enrons

In an interview with CNN on February 27, 2002, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani provided a glimpse into the services his newly-formed consulting firm is offering its corporate clients. Mr. Giuliani is chairman and CEO of Giuliani Partners, a strategic alliance with Ernst & Young (E&Y).

AICPA's Accounting Portal, CPA2BIZ, Announces Merger

CPA2BIZ, the exclusive online and offline distributor of AICPA products and services, has announced its merger with Rivio, Inc., a leading provider of integrated Web-based application services for small businesses.

Marketing during busy season? It’s easier than you think!

It happens every year. Firms get so bogged down during the busy season (and who doesn’t?) that business development and marketing get pushed aside. But the reality is that just a few months later, those same firms are often reviewing poor growth numbers without realizing they just missed their best opportunity to grow. As you make your way through this busy season, here are a few simple strategies you can employ to keep generating new business all year and get the growth you’re looking for.Satisfy your clients with a high level of service.
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The Most Effective Marketing You Can Do This Year

With the economy slowing and more companies feeling the pinch, landing new business and meeting your growth goals will likely become more difficult. And just as your goals fall further away, the marketing dollars to get you there will be harder to come by. Grim picture? Not just yet. Targeting and selling to your loyal, satisfied customers might be the most effective marketing you can do this year. Loyal customers are often the most overlooked group when it comes to laying out growth plans, but they’re also the most influential to your success.

Survey Stresses The Need For Privacy Policy Verification

"GUARANTEE my privacy and I'll be inclined to buy from you" is the message that consumers are sending to American business - both in an offline and online environment.In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Privacy & American Business, and sponsored by the AICPA and Ernst & Young, consumers were loud and clear on two issues:1. We don't trust businesses in general2.
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Ten Questions To Ask When Preparing For A Sales Call

Keith Rosen, CEO of Profit Builders provided AccountingWEB with the some questions to ask before you prepare for a new client sales call.Is my mind clear of any distractions that could have an adverse effect on my performance? (Externalities: fight with supervisor or spouse, car troubles, income, weather, health, etc.) Do I want to be here? To what degree has this appointment been confirmed? (Is this person expecting me?) Do I view my client as a number or as a person to create a mutually beneficial partnership with? Are they someTHING (a quota) or someONE?

Selling When You're Not in Sales

If you think you're not in sales, think again. Whether you sell a product or service or yourself or your ideas, you’re in sales. If a customer calls you with a billing question, you’re in sales because your work will influence whether a customer chooses to buy again. If you have a manager and are planning to ask for a raise, you really are in sales. Here are a few pointers from sales and business consultant Maura Schreier-Fleming ( to increase your selling success.
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Come Together Cooperatively to Serve Your Clients

Co-opetition: Compete and Cooperate MarketingWhen you combine the words cooperation and competition, a new word emerges: Coopetition. Coopetition works when competing organizations come together cooperatively to serve a client.

Opening Closed Doors - Work Your Business Relationships

You are ready for a spectacular year. The resolution has been made: you are committed to working on your business relationships and advancing your career. You began reviewing the list of prospects who said "No" to you last year. Sure, they may have turned you down in the past but the New Year usually brings changes; changes in the economy, in technology and in your prospective client's business. If your approach is merely to touch base and see if they are in a better purchasing position, you have the same plan as every other salesperson.
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Ernst & Young Promotes its Quality Control Safeguards

In a newly-released brochure entitled, Maintaining Your Trust, Ernst & Young (E&Y) publicly explains how it maintains its focus on high quality audits.
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Three Ways to Grow Your Practice in 2002

By Rich Walker, CPA, Director of IntuitAdvisorA new year means new opportunities for accountants to grow their practice. Here are some words of wisdom that will help you succeed in 2002.1. Focus on Great ServiceIt might sound simplistic, but superior customer service is the number one way to retain customers. Some suggestions for maintaining a great customer relationship are:Be responsive. Let your clients know they're important.
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Time is Right For More Creativity in Accounting PR

Marketing gurus see a silver lining in the cloud of controversy surrounding the accounting profession. To them, the battle to restore confidence in the profession presents an intriguing challenge and a lucrative business opportunity. Describing the Enron fallout as “Arthur Andersen's Radioactivity Problem,” an article published this week by Business 2.0 says the time is right for creative efforts to help differentiate the Big Five firms.
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Hollywood, The Beatles, the Super Bowl...and H&R Block?

On Sunday February 3, H&R Block will enter the elite ranks of American businesses who have selected the Super Bowl as the venue of choice to kick their advertising campaign into high gear.Block's first-ever Super Bowl foray will consist of a 30 second commercial, directed by Hollywood's Coen brothers (Fargo, Raising Arizona) and will be punctuated by the Beatle's hit tune "The Tax Man", "a perfect fit" says H&R Block Chief Marketing Officer David Byers.The commercial, the biggest advertising production ever for H&R Block, is a 30-second look at the confusing world of new tax laws
Practice Management

Rate Your Prospects

By Troy Waugh, Waugh & CO, Inc.With a powerful and focused marketing and sales program that generates many leads, the partners find themselves meeting with prospects regularly. The partners’ focus at the initial meetings with a prospect is to understand the prospect’s business and the issues of the company. For example, if the business is not related to a niche in which the firm has expertise, a red flag goes up. If the business is calendar year or price driven, the partners begin to question their capacity to handle the client.

Pre-Tax Season Media Tip for Tax Practitioners

By Terri M. Sommella, President, Sommella Market StrategiesBefore tax season snows you under, get the attention of your local media. They can keep you visible even when you're not.Do you have aggressive partners who want brand equity? Create a spreadsheet of these partners, their areas of service expertise and industry concentrations to send to key reporters.

Branding Unsuccessful if Not Backed by Quality

By, Troy A. Waugh, CPA, MBA, Waugh & CO, Inc.  Many accounting firm owners and marketing professionals have been deliberating the concept of branding during recent months. Most branding efforts end with wasted dollars and little results. One managing partner said he’d “thrown $100,000 down the rat hole.”

Plug In - To a Marketing Discussion List for Accountants

By Terri M. Sommella, President, Sommella Market StrategiesUntil now, no vehicle existed to afford accounting marketers ongoing information exchanges, resources and training. With the launch of the Association for Accounting Marketing’s Members Discussion List (AMDL) it’s here, and it’s free. The launch of the AMDL is the most immediately beneficial resource offered to accounting marketers since AAM was formed eleven years ago.OverviewThe AMDL is an on-line discussion list.

Tips on Writing Client E-mail Newsletters

Once you have begun to gather e-mail addresses (opt in) from your clients, prospects and other interested parties, you need to reach out to them on a regular basis. One of the best ways is to prepare a monthly newsletter that will make them pleased that they are part of your firm and client base. Here are some helpful tips on getting your e-mail newsletter opened, read and acted on: THE SUBJECT LINE Do you ever go through your email in-box and delete messages without even opening and reading them? Most of us do. There is just too much e-mail and too little time.


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