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Baker Tilly Builds Forensic Services for Divorces

London-based Baker Tilly International, a network of independent accounting and business services firms, is aggressively
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Clearing the Lines of Communication

By, Keith Rosen If you can eliminate communication breakdowns between your clients and yourself, the result will be more sales with less headaches. Breakdowns occur because no one took the time to check if what was communicated was understood by the people engaged in the conversation. Here are four easy steps that will assist you in getting clear with your client's wants, needs and expectations. 1. Ask a Question: Assume you have no idea what the client really wants. The only way to uncover their needs is to first ask questions.

Impact Your Top Line Now

By, Allan BoressThe economic slowdown is affecting the top line of many firms across the country as client companies cut back on purchasing noncompliance services and become increasingly concerned about fees. In response, as business slows, firms tend to cut expenses and attempt to become more efficient.
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How to Choose And Keep Customers

By, Bizmove Do you know who your customers are? It may sound automatic, but many businesses simply don't keep track of who actually buys their products. And, those that do, rarely analyze buying behavior. A customer database is essential. If you don't have one, create one. Start by capturing the basics: customer contact information, product preference and purchase frequency. Have you ranked your customers? Not all customers are created equal, yet most businesses treat them exactly the same. That's why you need a customer ranking system.
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How to Win an Auditor Beauty Contest: Taking Advantage of Auditor Changes

by Bruce MannMore companies are giving serious attention to the auditor selection process than ever before, opening the door for firms to compete for assignments on a more level playing field. The days when management was able to pick its favorite auditor without oversight from the board or audit committee have passed. First it was the demise of Arthur Andersen that forced many companies to interview for new auditors.
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Innovative Selling Audiotape Program

"Professional selling is the ability to attract and build mutually beneficial partnerships with your customers." - Keith Rosen Used by top selling professionals worldwide, the Innovative SellingTM audio tape program is the most innovative selling system that delivers step by step, the skills, tools, techniques and actions which build sales champions from the inside out. This is accomplished by uncovering and building upon each person's natural strengths and talents that complement and enhance their personal style of selling. The selling community is evolving.
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AAM Session Overview: Trashing The Timesheet

This is the sixth of a series of articles on sessions presented at the 2002 Association for Accounting Marketing Conference.By Karen Bergh, Senior V.P., RainMaker Pro, Inc. for the Association for Accounting Marketing Ron Baker, Founder of VeraSage Institute, shared in his topic "Trashing the Timesheet" his philosophy of how accountants should free themselves from the "tyranny of time" as an indicator of performance.

AAM Session Overview: Marketing Activities That Get Results

By Pamela Pyrc, Director of Marketing, LeMaster & Daniels PLLC for the Association for Accounting MarketingThe role of accounting marketers has expanded as the profession has matured over the past few decades. Today, the marketing director’s (coordinator) responsibilities may range from coordinator of open houses and direct mail campaigns to strategic planner and practice development coach. But what activities can marketers do that are measurable?

TV Commercials Play on Accounting Credibility Crisis

Congressional lawmakers, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the accounting profession are all struggling to restore confidence in the financial reporting process, but Madison Avenue advertising agencies seem to be going off in the other direction. They hope to capitalize on the credibility crisis by building business for their clients on the basis of investors' fears and doubts.
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AAM Session Overview: The Accounting And Consulting Firm of The Future

By Lisa Dickson, Marketing Coordinator, Bland, Garvey, Eads, Medlock + Deppe, P.C. for the Association for Accounting MarketingAnother successful Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) conference has concluded in San Antonio, Texas. This conference opened with a war cry by VeraSage Institute founder, Ronald J. Baker. Baker, a CPA and marketer, has shed some light on what direction the accounting industry in heading. He has challenged us to see beyond the present atmosphere of the tradition accounting firm and reach for excellence in our industry.

What Makes a Client Change Accountants/Firms?

Steve McIntyre-Smith, Ph.DIt’s a big decision, changing accountants, one that is not taken lightly by business people. Time and again we hear of entrepreneurs complaining to their buddies over a beer, but when asked a simple question "why don’t you move your account" nine times out of ten they respond with something along the lines of "I couldn’t possibly leave Harry. I’ve been with him for years!"Crazy isn’t it? Well, yes. And no.You see, many business people still see their relationship with their accountant as a very personal one, and rightly so.
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Deloitte Consulting To be Rebranded as 'Braxton'

Deloitte Consulting has announced its new name will be Braxton, a real name taken from the firm's heritage. One of Deloitte's predecessor firms, Touche Ross, acquired the international consulting firm, Braxton Associates, in 1984.The name seems to be a hit, despite the fact that the Register, a U.K. paper, says it sounds like a brand of mineral water.

Marketing Essentials And Time Wasters

Essentials: Have a reward or incentive system in the firm that rewards marketing efforts and/or results. Help each partner to develop a personal strategic marketing plan according to his/her specific skills and interests (get outside support if needed). Evaluate your current client list for potential expansions of service or new opportunities, choose the best among them and establish a specific budget for developing this business. Develop a list of new prospects, based on the clients you serve most successfully now. Hire

Why Professionals Don't Sell -- And What to do About it!

by Allan S. Boress, CPA, CFEIn today’s economy, most professionals don’t even think about selling; the work just seems to come in. Will it always be this way? What about those prime opportunities that you somehow just can’t close for the fees you want? Why doesn’t anyone else around your firm help bring in business? What about replacing those deadbeat clients with better ones?Let’s take a look at the FIVE main reasons people who work for professional service firms don’t sell - and what to do about it.

AAM Session Overview: Measuring Marketing Results

This is the third of a series of articles on sessions presented at the 2002 Association for Accounting Marketing Conference.In Measuring Marketing Results, The First Success is the Commitment To Try!By Renée M. Amellio (Director of Marketing/Public Relations at New-York based Eisner LLP) for the Association for Accounting Marketing In an accounting firm environment, there is a very apparent cultural difference among marketers and accountants.

AAM Session Overview: Creating a Marketing Plan

This is the second of a series of articles on sessions presented at the 2002 Association for Accounting Marketing Conference.By Chanon Collins, Director of Marketing, Allen Pritchett & Bassett, LLP for the Association for Accounting MarketingAfter the opening address at the 13th Annual Marketing Summit of the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), over 300 marketers scattered to workshops ranging from measuring marketing efforts to trashing the timesheet.

Effective Employee Incentive Programs: Bring Out the Best in Your Firm

By Lisa A. Rozycki, Marketing Director, Reinsel & Company LLPIn a firm-wide marketing survey, employees were asked what would motivate them to market the firm’s services. Not surprisingly, the top two answers were "incentive compensation" and "recognition" for their efforts.Like many CPA firms across the country, we’ve had the standard commission structure on new business and cross-selling services to existing clients for a number of years. Three years ago, the paper forms that needed to be filled out for compensation almost never left the shelf.

Practice Idea: Getting And Using Testimonial Letters

CPA firm marketers have long recognized that THE BEST way to get new business is to have a current client refer you to a colleague or friend. Getting the right kind of referrals is the difference between getting "a foot in the door" and having your clients sell for you.Imagine your own buying behavior. If you were looking for an auto mechanic, you would ask your friends and neighbors who they use.
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Karen Love of PKF Texas Wins Marketer of The Year Award

Karen Love, Director of Business Development for PKF Texas in Houston, has been named the 2002 winner of the prestigious "Marketer of The Year" award, presented by CPA Marketing Report and the Association for Accounting Marketing.

Association For Accounting Marketing 2002 Conference Sessions

The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is the leading trade/educational organization for individuals working in marketing, sales, and communication for accounting firms.The June 2002 Association for Accounting Marketing Summit (AAM), held this year in San Antonio, Texas, featured over twenty five sessions for CPA firm marketers at all levels.Reports on the followi


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